Stunning Spiti Valley Trip Guide | Why People Love This Little Paradise?
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Stunning Spiti Valley Trip Guide | Why People Love This Little Paradise?

26 views • Sep 07th, 2020

Bordered on all sides by the Mighty Himalayas, Spiti Valley is one of the most demanding and extraordinary places across India. Travelers starve to experience the stunning landscape views of Spiti Valley. 

Hence, we bring you this Spiti Valley Trip Guide that'll assist you and get you a great idea of this awesome place before visiting here.
With spectacular mountain ranges, Spiti Valley offers you places that are just different from the rest of the places in North India.

Monasteries of Spiti are well-known among the people who admire traveling and we will talk about the Monasteries further in this post :) 

There's much more to explore in Spiti than just views. The Culture and Local things which turn out to be special for every place are also some of the amazing things that one must experience in his life at least once.

On Spiti Valley Trek, you'll get to see some of the most breathtaking and dreamy views of the mountains that you've never imagined till now. 

Famous for its natural beauty and cultural heritage, Spiti Valley holds a population of around 31,564, and languages such as Hindi and English are easily understood by the locals. 

Table Of Contents

  • Why Spiti Valley as Your Next Destination?
  • Weather in Spiti Valley
  • How To Reach Spiti Valley?
  • Types of Transport
  • What to See in Spiti Valley?
  • Villages in Spiti
  • Monasteries in Spiti
  • Things to Do in Spiti Valley
  • Where to Stay in Spiti Valley?

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