Take a Chance on Me | Sapna Bhog (Sehgal Family & Friends #1)

Take a chance on Me is the first book of Sapna Bhog which reads as stand-alone. Take a Chance on Me is a love story between Kabier and Keya, testing their feelings, loyalty, friendship, and relationship. 

Storyline :

Kabier Sehgal returned to India to take over Sehgal Enterprises from his grandfather. Later, he found out about the selling of his company's secrets. Every direction leads him to one person who has every access, confidential details of companies, and support or suspicious relationships with his grandfather- Keya Karia. He decides to get closer to expose her, but more he knows about her and suspects his own decisions. Can there be another truth to this conspiracy?
Keya Karia is bold, beautiful, intelligent, and successful in her career. Only a few people know about her hidden and secret past. She doesn't want to look back, only wants to grow in her career. Kabier, her new boss always around her, awakens something she never felt before. But, when she is accused of something unthinkable by him. What can she do to protect herself and her feelings?

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