The 11 Best Lazy Load Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Are you getting very low traffic in spite of the many unique posts you have? Did you check if your pages load faster on desktop and mobile browsers?

Your website traffic is influenced by a number of factors like page speed, theme quality, image loading time, etc. If your site takes a long time to load, visitors will leave to some other places having similar posts. As we know, it will increase your bounce rate and reduce the search engine rankings.

A blog post may contain several images depends on its length. They make your content more attractive and engaging. But at the same time, they can also cause the website to slow down.

Is there any way to serve images faster without excluding them from your pages?

Load them lazily. 

What is lazy loading?

What is lazy loading

Lazy loading is a process of loading content only when it is needed. It is applicable to images, videos, comments, and others.

Normally when someone opens a web page, all its contents are downloaded to the user’s browser at the same time. If you have more resources to download, your page loading time will seriously decrease. 

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