The A-Z Guide On Virtual Private Network – VPN Explained
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The A-Z Guide On Virtual Private Network – VPN Explained

16 views • Sep 12th, 2020

Are you tired of blocked websites, insecure internet connection, data stealing, and region-blocked services? Yes, For a long time, you have been hearing of this term Virtual Private Network but what the word Virtual Private Network or merely VPN means? Is it something software, how does it work, what are its advantages/disadvantages, is it safe to use VPN, is it legal to use in India and more such question which keeps roaming in mind when you hear term VPN. So, let’s deep dive into this Virtual Private Network and understand everything about it.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for the Virtual Private Network is a service which permits you to access the internet through a secured tunnel where your data/privacy is protected from Governments, Organisations, and Data stealers. Let’s have an example to understand it better.

Example: Consider Rajesh & Umesh are two internet users. Rajesh uses VPN during internet surfing, and Umesh doesn’t. Now when both are surfing, a hacker/data stealer tries to enter their network. The data stealer successfully documented and monitored into Umesh network to watch information such as IP Address, Name, and type of device used, Accessed Website. It’s data as there were no additional security layers that will protect and hide his identity and data. In comparison, the data stealers haven’t succeeded in breaching into the Rajesh network as he was using a VPN, and hence his data and privacy has been protected.

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