The Best Wireless Keyboards for 2022

The Best Wireless Keyboards for 2022

Wireless Keyboard

For easy navigation on laptop and desktop, we have reviewed best wireless keyboard here. Here have well tested the wireless keyboards which user-friendly and provides hassles free experiences. The keyboards are tested according to features like battery life, overall build quality and connection strength and reliability. The keyboards are also appraised on the features like comfort and ergonomics that is important if the keyboard is used for hours at a time.

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard:

This keyboard is rated first because of the integrated and trackpad design. The keyboard is easy to set up and has longer battery life. This K400 keyboard is not typically a combo of keyboard and mouse. Instead it has integrated trackpad directly on the keyboard. This combo comes in handy when the user operates the pc or laptop from the couch and not from the desk.

This keyboard has a superb performance and extremely comfortable when typing over extended time period as it has spaced far and blacklight keys. The overall design of the keyboard is impressive as it is compact, lightweight and durable. The K400 plus keyboard is the best option to consider for Mac and PC.


Keyboard and mouse combo but wireless.

Quiet keys

Battery life of 18 months


Keys aren’t backlit

No devoted scroll strips

Arteck HB30B Slim Wireless Keyboard:

The slim keyboard is best option for gaming which has inimitable backlight colour with additional comfortable keys. This affordable and slim keyboard connects to PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone by Bluetooth. During there was seen no input lad or connection drops which is very impressive.

The arteck keyboard is extra slimmer than the traditional gaming keyboard. The backlit keys that can change the colour and the Bluetooth feature makes it best for gaming keyboard. Customization is possible as the keyboard has 7 different colours pre-sets. The battery life is not up to mark that is 6 months and drains fast during gaming session. The keyboard is eased with the USB charging cable which you can keep in plugged in during intense gaming sessions which extends the battery life.


Perfect for gaming

7 different backlight colours.

2 years of warranty


Only 6 months of battery life

Battery life indicator is absent.

Rii I4 Mini Wireless Keyboard:

This mini keyboard can connect to the gaming consoles, computer, tablets, apple TV’s, smartphone, fire TV boxes and more. Therefore, it is universal compatible. The keyboard is the unique and portable option in the list. The keyboard measures 7.1*4.2*0.9 inches therefore it can easily fit in the pocket. You can connect it to any device anywhere via Bluetooth and USB.

The keyboard is not as the regular wireless keyboard because of this you may find difficulty in getting used to it. The keys and scroll wheel are slightly stiff but this doesn’t compromise with the speed if typing with this keyboard. The keys has backlit that makes it easy to use it in the dark. Touchpad for mouse is also included in the keyboard.


Best compatibility

7 different backlight colours


Keys are stiff

Scroll wheel is not smooth enough.

Microsoft All-In -One Media Wireless Keyboard:

This keyboard by Microsoft is very simple and affordable which Is a perfect choice for someone who needs lots of functions and extra durability in very affordable price. This is the most reliable keyboard in the list which can be used with both smart TVs and PCs. It has accessible integrated trackpad with multi-touch functionality that makes it easy to use it in the couch.

There are no buttons on the trackpad which makes the clicking of the mouse difficult. The Microsoft all-in-one keyboard have very impressive body and amazing features like spill-resistant design which handles the bumps and drops easily. The keyboard can be easily connected to devices via USB. You may not experience any input lag and drops.



Spill resistant design

Integrated multi-touch trackpad.


Battery life is not up to mark.

Buttons on the trackpad are absent.

iClever BK03 Wireless Keyboard:

This wireless keyboard is the best foldable keyboard with a unique design. This portable keyboard has strong Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and aircraft-grade construction which makes it durable. The size of the keyboard is smaller that is ¾ sized than the regular keyboard. Keyboard is of 5.7 inches when folded and 10.3 when not. It folds up itself. But the keyboard doesn’t have 10-key number pad and have smaller buttons.

The hinge doesn’t get in the way and they open and close easily. The keyboard is made from the aircraft-grade that is an aluminium alloy which makes it durable. The Bluetooth connectivity is impressive which can connect it to 3 devices simultaneously. The keyboard can work with windows, iOS and android devices but not with apple computers.



Spill-resistant design

3 devices can be connected at once.


Not compatible with apple computer.

Not full size.

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Wireless Keyboard:

This wedge Microsoft keyboard is the best choice for tablet and portable devices. The body of the keyboard is durable and features one-piece metal body. Th keyboard is made for window especially but works great for any android devices and iPads because of the Bluetooth connectivity.

The keys are small than the regular keys on the keyboard which makes it difficult for the people with large fingers but when handled it feels premium due to metal body. Light-touch keys are present which doesn’t require much pressure.

The wedge has multi-functional cover which is additional with the keyboard. The cover protects your keyboard when not in use but also can be extended as a tablet stand.


Very Portable


Light-touch keys.

Multi-functional cover.


Keys are smaller in size

Batteries are hard to replace.

WisFox 2.4G Wireless Keyboard:

The keyboard by WisFox is the best USB keyboard with a nano receiver that doesn’t get in the ways and provides simple plug and play installation. The keyboard is next level with its simplicity and functionality. The people who want easy and fuss free installation and are beginners can consider this keyboard as the best option. You just need to plug to your PC or devices and start using it. It has reliable connection which doesn’t drop out. The keyboard offers anti-jamming transmission which won’t be affected by interference from the other devices.

It has integrated trackpad which can be used with smart TVs, tablets and PCs. Sometimes, it can be sensitive. The body and design of this keyboard is sturdy and durable even it has ultra-thin profile. The keys are spaced closed together and doesn’t makes any sound while typing.


Easy to setup

Great connectivity

Ultra-thin body

Plug and play.


Small keys

Trackpad is very sensitive.

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