The Human Mind --Make the Most of it

There are already tons of articles explaining the basic anatomy and the features of the human mind. This article is not gonna be some typical conventional approach to mesmerize or overwhelm you by telling how many neurons the human mind has or the fact that our brain is 70%water. It’s gonna be about how one can make the most out of the human mind, understanding how to declutter and reboot our tiny little brains. 

So, before proceeding ahead, we are gonna do a small activity. I am gonna make you experience something which probably most of you have never experienced before in your life. Excited?

All right, so here’s the thing. For the next few minutes, shut down your laptop/mobile screens, go to a quiet place(no, I am not asking you to go to the caves of a mountain), and just simply be and observe the space between you and objects. You have to keep mum, both from the outside and the inside. No talking, no thoughts, no movements. 

What will happen is that, some thoughts are gonna prop up after a while—let them come. You don’t have to fight them. As soon as you realize that you went someplace else in your mind, just give a little nudge to your mind to come back. One can perform this activity even if he is outdoors—be it in a traffic jam or a restaurant. You don’t need to have any kind of thoughts about it, you just have to observe in complete silence for a few minutes. 

OFF you go now!

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