The positive side of a Breakup

The right definition of a breakup isn’t only when a couple, who were romantically involved, split up. Breakup at its essence is the breaking of your heart into a bazillion pieces. When you want something from all your heart, mind, and soul, whether it’s a person or a thing or a goal, and you fail to procure it or you lose it, that’s essentially a breakup.

When you yourself leave a person or a desire then that’s not a breakup, that’s more of a relief. But when the person or that desire becomes out of your reach for whatever reasons, then that’s when your heart eviscerates.

Here I am not trying to deny the reality and say it’s all well and good. I am not even gonna charge you up with hollow motivational one-liners. A Breakup of any kind sucks donkey ball. Really yeah! There’s no denying that.

I am simply gonna help you understand that while there’s all the pain and agony, there are also some positive sides to a breakup nevertheless. In no way, I am trying to tell you to forget about the pain, or even ask you to undermine the suffering, but simply assisting you to look at a breakup in a potentially more rewarding manner.

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