Things to carry on Hiking or Trekking Trips

Things to carry on Hiking or Trekking Trips

Things to carry on Hiking or Trekking

Over the years, I had been traveling since long. I have experienced that there are a lot many things that are necessary while traveling. As of my experience, I have realized that there must be as little as possible that we carry and all the necessities must be fulfilled in that. things to carry on Hiking10 Must have things to carry on Hiking or Trekking TripsGiven below is my travel necessary list –  

Personal Medical Kit

In case of emergency, we can use personal medical products as hospitals or clinics aren’t available everywhere. It’s the most essential part of a human. Sometimes a small injury can also cause much trouble. So why to panic at the last moment? Always be ready in advance and carry all the precautions. One must have the basic medicines handy like for fever, cough, painkillers, antibacterial cream etc and band-aids as well.

Water bottle

This is the most basic and most important thing one has to take. There’s no assurity that one will get water in between the journey or not. Maybe there are no shops available so a water bottle must be handy always. 10 Must have things to carry on Hiking or Trekking Trips

Head Torch – (alt. Hand Torch)

Torches are a must while traveling in the night time. Trekking or an expedition is not always done in a well-maintained place. You may never know when you will have to cross the dark places or jungles etc. So carrying the torches beforehand would save you from unwanted troubles at the last moment. One should definitely have a Torch in his bag.


It can never be said how the weather will be throughout the entire journey or how much days would a journey take. So one should have an extra T-shirt if needed, in any case.


During the daytime, sunglasses are a must. So whenever you are on a day trip, you should always carry sunglasses with you to protect yourself from the dusty and sunny weather as eyes are the most delicate part of a human body so precautions must be taken beforehand. Also, no one wants to face the sun and spoil the fun of traveling so it’s better to have sunglasses along with you. 10 Must have things to carry on Hiking or Trekking Trips


Food is a must. For a human, food is essential for daily survival. So before heading towards a journey, one must always carry some dry fruits, chips etc for emergency purpose if in case no restaurants or stalls are available.


A perfect and comfortable shoulder strap backpack is a must-have during a trek for keeping the essentials or requirements in it. While trekking, it becomes difficult to handle things, bags etc so one should select a backpack in which he/she is most comfortable. A comfortable backpack will create no issues while traveling.


A jacket is very essential while traveling as you never know the weather changes. One should carry a waterproof & windproof jacket and also a winter jacket along, so as to protect yourself from different climatic conditions. Different regions have different climate so it’s better to have a multi-purpose jacket.

Hiking pole

A hiking pole is the most necessary thing, to be needed while traveling. As it provides support while you walk through a stream or a pond. It also gives extra balance or support to legs while walking till longer distances. It can also act as multiple purpose pole as it can help us in putting tents, it can protect us from animals if traveling in a forest. You can also use this pole for walking in snow area or muddy a region.


While traveling, one is not always so fortunate to get all the amenities nearby. So a lighter may help you in so many different ways. Like, if one is in cold climatic region a lighter can help a lot to light up a bonfire. A lighter can most importantly, become a lifesaver if in forest areas. One can use a lighter to light up if there is darkness also, most importantly, in the case of animals if unfortunately, one had to face any kind of animal in a forest then a lighter may help to scare the animal from coming nearer.

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