Things You Should Discuss with Your Gynecologist

Things You Should Discuss with Your Gynecologist

According to the studies, it is found that women most of the time are hesitant about their reproductive and sexual health. It is crucial that you share thorough information about your reproductive health with your gynecologist on every visit. Unfortunately, a lot of women miss out on vital facts that can be useful to the gynecologist in making their finest recommendations. Gynecologists must be visited once a year by every female for keeping your reproductive health in a good state. There are many complications women can face at some point and talking to experts can assist you with getting the right solution to the worries.

It is evident that women feel a little uncomfortable discussing the issues they are experiencing with their reproductive health with the gynecologist. It is essential to be transparent with your gynecologist as it can help them to understand your exact concern and follow up the needed process to put an end to it. Some issues are there which are hard to understand after the diagnosis even so talking to the doctor verbally can be helpful to offer you the right solution and treatment.

If you are unsure about what things you should exactly discuss with your gynecologist, then this write-up is for you.

Things to discuss with your gynecologist

Here are the things you can discuss with your gynecologist:

Painful periods

Getting your parents can be a very unpleasant time for a lot of women. There are symptoms like headaches, breast soreness, and cramps of painful periods. Some women are there who have to go through period pain and can be very difficult to tolerate. It is essential to understand that if your periods are very painful and are getting worse with time, then it can be the symptom of uterine fibroids or endometriosis. You should get in touch with your gynecologist to talk about the problems you are facing during the menstrual periods. Your doctor can recommend the better treatment and medications required to treat the problem.

When the discharge is not normal

It is surely not the easiest topic of conversation, but you have to understand that gynecologists can assist with differentiation between what is normal and what is not. Google search will not answer your question better than a gynecologist. There are around 30 organisms equipped in the vagina that help in keeping the pH balance intact and infection-free. These organisms are helpful in producing secretions for vagina cleansing naturally. It is very common to experience vaginal discharge depending on the time of the month. But when you notice any changes in the smell, texture, and consistency, you should immediately consult your gynecologist. It is important because he/she will help you understand the normal and abnormal discharge differences. You will also be recommended a certain type of medication and treatment if needed for the problem.

Vaginal itching

Vaginal itching can be one of the most uncomfortable situations out there for women and can also lead to bringing up the symptoms that are painful too. This can be a cause for other problems like irregular periods, sexually transmitted diseases, irritation, vaginal infections, vaginal or skin disorders, etc. In problematic cases, it can be the reason for vulvar cancer of massive stress you have put over the vulva. Hence, it is crucial to correctly diagnose the problem. It is therefore recommended to females to not avoid uncomfortable itching as it can be a sign of some serious reproductive health problem. Make sure that you don't hesitate while sharing any intimate information as otherwise, it can cause some serious problems, and later it can be difficult to avoid hard situations.

Irregular periods

Firstly, understand that it is normal to experience irregular periods as it can be the outcome of some conditions like hyper-active routine, hormonal imbalance, underweight or overweight, weakness, low intake of calories, etc. Strong medications and birth control pills can also lead to irregular periods in adulthood. So, it is common to have irregular periods once in a blue moon but if this problem keeps persisting every now and then, it is important for you to address the problem with an expert. A gynecologist would help in diagnosing the problem and finding the right solution to treat the issue.

Painful sex

It can be a very uncomfortable topic of discussion for most of the ladies but needs to be addressed on time. You should know that painful sex is not normal however it is fine to experience this problem once in a while but if this is a regular thing, then you need to discuss it with your gynecologist. This can be a reason for different problems going on in your intimate area such as sexually transmitted diseases, vaginal infections, skin conditions, vaginal dryness, vulvodynia, sexual activity changes, etc. So, getting in touch with your gynecologist will not only help you understand the problem and he/she can also give you the right medication or treatment needed.

Final words

Discussions related to intimate areas can always be an uncomfortable situation for women even if it is with their gynecologist. Most women keep avoiding the signs their vagina is trying to give about the problem only because they don’t feel comfortable discussing it with their gynecologist. It is not a good sign in itself for your reproductive health. We are in a world where modernization and development have taken over, so it is time we make such conversations very normal not only with gynecologists but even in general as well. Things we discussed are very important to address with your gynecologist on time as it can be very problematic in the future for every female.  Crysta IVF is one of the best Gynecology Hospitals in Bangalore, and we are associated with expert gynecologists in Bangalore to take care of your intimate health-related needs. Next time you visit your gynecologist make sure to feel comfortable and be vocal about the problems you are experiencing even if it seems small to you. 

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