This Is Why Judge Breaks Nib Of Their Pen After Passing A Death Sentence

Do you remember the 90s Bollywood, where after a long emotional monologue on morality, the scene would zoom into the judge emotionally signing their sentence, and breaking the nib of their ink pen?

Then, the scene would pan out to the exterior of the court, where a voiceover would announce that the accused has been sentenced to death.

While we have all come across such scenes, we witnessed this in real life when the accused of the Nirbhaya Case was given the death penalty by a Delhi trial court in 2013.

For a long time, many of us believed that this was also part of legal procedures while sensitive legal judgments are made. However, with many discourses on death penalties, we have come to realize that pronouncing death to someone is such a heinous act even when it is under the court of law.

Today, we will dig deeper into the custom that precedes such delicate issues.

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