Tips for choosing your favourite Rugs Online NZ

Tips for choosing your favourite Rugs Online NZ

Rug Decor is the premium quality rugs websites that fit your decor. We offer quality rugs at an affordable price for any budget. From Handmade to Hand-Knotted wool rugs, we have something for everyone. you can browse our incredible range of 10,000 rugs in designs, shapes, colors, and sizes that suit every style of home; available at discounted prices.

Add a little bit of summer into your home with area rugs. They can be the perfect way to brighten up a room and bring a touch of summer into your living space.

The weather is warming up and summer is almost upon us. It’s time to change over your winter clothes for summer ones, rearrange the garage for summer belonging access, tidy up the outdoors for summer gatherings and a lot more!

One way to really accent the summer season in your home is to pick out a summer rug. Certain aspects of different rugs help capture the summer feel we all love.

• Bring the outdoors inside with a floral rug. Bonus – you will not need to water them! Patterns inspired by nature are always a summer winner.

• Ease of cleaning is important when picking a summer rug. With the warm weather bringing on more indoor-outdoor flow, picking a rug that is easy to clean is important.

• Layering is not just for winters. Use rugs to create boundaries and add a hint of playfulness in your home.


Custom size rugs can be the perfect way to define and differentiate space, especially in open-concept living.

Whether you’re framing a seating area, texturizing a bedroom, or sectioning off a breakfast or work-from-home nook, custom area rugs can be just the elements needed to bring everything in that space together.

In this blog, we look at some styles to keep in mind as you head out to choose your perfect custom-size rug.

What kind of rug should you get?

The value of durability in a child's room cannot be overstated. Children can be messy, and their wheeled toys can rapidly ruin low-quality carpeting. Synthetic fibers are also a no-no in the kid's room because you don't want the chemicals irritating their sensitive skin. For the children's room, use wool or cotton rugs. All of your needs can be met with flatweaves or even top-quality tufted carpets.

A kid's room is usually created in a whimsical manner, leaving plenty of freedom for creativity. Choosing intriguing form carpets instead of the traditional rectangular is a terrific way to make your area stand out.

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