Tips to Read Self-help Books
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Tips to Read Self-help Books

35 views • Oct 26th, 2020

The world of self-help or self-improvement books is a league of its own. Whether you want guidance on an area of life that you would like to improve on or are simply looking for suggestions from those who have been there and done that, picking a self-help book can become cumbersome since you can easily search for suggestions on Google/Quora/YouTube etc. These books can cater to a range of interests—money, productivity, people skills, motivation, mindfulness, creativity, spirituality etc. Any book that claims to help you in improving or managing it better can be termed as a self-help book.

I have noticed people who usually don’t read fiction books somehow do like to dip their toes in reading a good self-help book. But while picking such a book, there are certain things that I would like to share so you don’t end up feeling that the recommendations put down by the author are all in the air. In my next post, I will share my list of six self-help books which I have read (or re-read) this year and would highly recommend it to you. Also, if you are reading this today, Happy Dussehra to you and your loved ones!

1. Choose what you would like to improve on first.

Sure, we all would like to make more money and could start by reading specific books on markets and business. However, the target of a self-help book is to work on your motivation—the word SELF implies that there are so many different kinds of people who can use this book to make it work in their own ways. Hence, the author tries to simmer down major concepts into bite-sized lessons for you to decide how to implement them in your life (or if you need to implement them at all) with real-life examples of people who have benefitted from the suggestion.

2. Not every suggestion made by the author has to be followed literally.

Understand that a book like this is written by authors who have distilled lessons from their experiences over the years to gather data and have presented it to you in the form of a book. Expecting overnight changes after reading this book is like trying to be fit without exercising, it does not work. You need to put in efforts and time if you want to improve yourself in any area or subject. I would recommend you to underline or highlight sentences while reading such books for quick review in future.

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