Top 10 Best Android Games under 100MB

There are so many Android games in the Android Play store, but it is difficult to choose the best game from all of them. These games are great and you can play these games for hours. If you like playing games, you have to play these games once.

1) Street Racing 3D

Street Racing 3D is a car racing game. This road-themed Tarmat race allows you to race more than 10 extreme cars in high speed races on the road. You can also run Real Drift for Speed, paint your car in any color you like, play races and win to collect more coins and diamonds. The operation of the game is easy. Tilt your smartphone to match the game. The game also has some nice background music that you will love.

2) Ninja Fighting Spree

Ninja Fighting Spree is an action-adventure game. This game is unique, with simple controls and challenging missions in a 3D environment, this game is very addictive. This game provides smooth gameplay with a variety of combat weapons. This is the sequel to the Ninja Warlord. It’s a brand new epic story of Ninja Warriors. As a ninja fighter, you have won the battle against evil. Experience the addicting ninja activity game Ninja War Hero. Overcome the most dangerous difficulties that come your way. Ninja War Hero is an action fighting game. Completing a mission in another city in the Far East is a hero test when Japan secretly finds a fighter, fights, and does everything.

3) Dead Target: Zombie

Dead Target: Zombie is also an interesting first-person shooter. This is a survival game where you have to kill all the zombies and complete the mission. The game is set in 2040, when World War III broke out and national borders began to change. The modern war has entered a new era after the Secretary of Defense signed a contract with CS Corporation to carry out a dead target project. Inject the virus into the prisoners and turn them into super-evil combat murderers.

However, if the president did not obey the order, CS threatened to cause a zombie outbreak. Zombie apocalypse has begun. Shoot zombies with epic weapons, upgrade your weapons and equipment, face the imminent waves of zombies, experience 3D Gun Fight as a zombie hunter, and kill all kinds of zombies when you get nervous.

4) World Cricket Championship

The World Cricket Championship has high quality graphics, professional commentary, and a team created with friends. There is no doubt about the skill of the player. You are armed with a wide variety of cricket strokes like no other. Watch your giant six pop out in slow motion … feel the glory of the moment.

5) Traffic Rider

Another masterpiece by the developers of traffic racers. This time around, we’re holding the handlebars of the bike with a much more detailed gameplay experience, while retaining the old-fashioned fun and simplicity. TrafficRider takes the endless racing genre to a whole new level by adding a complete career mode. -person -View adds perspective, better graphics, and actually recorded bike sounds.

The essence of smooth arcade racing still remains, but it’s in the next generation of shells. Ride your bike on the infinite highway, overtake traffic, upgrade to buy new bikes and complete missions in career mode.

6) 8 Ball Pool

The popular 8 Ball Pool is probably the best multiplayer game for Android under 100MB. Eight Ball Pool is free to use and offers one-on-one games as well as multiplayer tournaments for billiard crowns. You can use pool coins to participate in games and buy pool queues, table patterns and chat packs. Pool cash can be earned by shopping at the pool shop. At the pool shop, you can look at sample tables and buy clues and coolers.

7) Beach Buggy Racing

Drive into an amazing world of action-packed off-road car tracing. Compete with the field of rival drivers, each with their own personality and skills. Create a collection of crazy power-ups like Dodgeball Frenzy, Fireball, Oil Slick and more. Unlock and upgrade various cars, from dune buggies to monster trucks. Test your skills in 6 different game modes in 15 imaginative 3D racetracks against a pack of tropical rivals with serious street rage.

8) Into The Dead

Into The Dead is a survival action game. This game will take you to the cruel world of zombie apocalypse, where you will never have a chance. Take all necessary steps to stay alive, move as fast as possible and protect yourself.

This game offers intense gameplay with breathtaking graphics and sounds depicting horrifying zombie apocalypse. Unlock powerful weapons and perk weapons to save you. Missions and mini-goals offer a constant challenge to master.

9) MTB Downhill: Multiplayer

MTB Downhill is a mountain bike racing game. The game has over 20 maps containing 4 different weather conditions: snow, rain, sunny and fog. The game graphics are insane and you can race in the mountains with realistic bike physics. You can also develop and customize your bike with the money you earn from the game. This is the best downhill game on the Play Store and if you like racing games you will love this one too.

10) Miami Crime Simulator 2

Miami Crime Simulator 2 is an open world game where you can do anything. In-game cops and gangsters in this town hate you and try to kill you right away. Collect money for new weapons and stay in Warpass. Fire villains from the grenade launcher and try out new explosives and electric weapons. Find a tank and blow it all up, or get a helicopter and destroy everything from above.

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