Top 10 Best Luxury Watches for Men

Top 10 Best Luxury Watches for Men

Along with the shoes, watch also contributes into making a man. Therefore, choosing a good watch that make a statement piece is necessary. Luxury watches are indication of status and timepieces. Before buying a luxury watch you need to consider topics like brand, construction quality, features, style, complication and price. Quality, brand and price are the most important and the features are the least. Here are well tested luxury watches that may help you find your perfect watch for yourself.

Cartier 18k Rose Gold& Diamond Tank Anglaise Extra-Large Model:

Cartier is the French brand which manufacture their watches in Switzerland. Their luxury watches are around from 100 years with tank originating in 1917. Cartier 18k Rose Gold& Diamond Tank Anglaise Extra-Large Model is the most luxury watch in this list.

The watch is design with a rectangular case and face. It has diameter Is 46 mm and is made of 18 carats rose gold with a diamond bezel. The watch’s vertical exterior is lined with two rows of diamonds which is on each side running full length on the body. The frame of the watch is of gold and diamond is offset by silver lacquered face and a blue watch arm mechanism. This beautiful frame has calendar date mechanism also. The watch has water resistant to 100 feet. Also, this timepiece has 5 years of warranty.

Patek Philippe & Co.5078R-001-Rose Gold-Men Grand Complications:

The Patek and Philippe is the bran which manufactures luxury watches since 1852 and is based in Geneva. The watches of Patek & Philippe’s are of very high and good quality which is also loved by queen Victoria of England and Hussein kamel, sultan of Egypt. This timepiece embraces a world record of highest-priced watch ever sold that is of $11 million.

The watch has analogy mechanical functionality with self-winding. The arms and numbers are in black colour with the secondary seconds counter is placed at the base. It has dial of enamel with 38-millimetre case. The base of the case is made of sapphire crystal.

Blancpain Le Brassus Minute Repeater Carousel 0235-3631-55B:

Blancpain is based in Biel, Switzerland and launched their watches in 1735 for the first time. They are known for their impressive and supreme quality of watches. The products have visual appearance that is faces are transparent which shows the time-mechanism in boundless detail.

This timepiece is the best option from blancpain. It has combined a carousel minute repeater with a one-minute flying carousel which provides supreme performance. The watch is made up of 18 carats gold with a white grand feu enamel dial. The case of the watch is of 15.35 millimetres by 45 millimetres with a brown alligator leather strap.

Rolex Aycht-Master II:

The Rolex brand is the well-known brand in the luxury watches for men. The Rolex is known as swiss brand which was started in 1905 in England. Rolex Aycht-Master II is the statement of sophisticated manliness. The watch is well suited for successful and powerful men.

The watch has 44-millimetre stainless steel case which is also incorporated with gold. The watch is equivalent with blue cerachrom insert which is made from ceramic. The hour indicators are 18 carat gold and contrasted with blue watch arms.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 85180:

Vacheron Constantin was founded by 1755 and is the eldest swiss watchmaker in the world wide. It is based in Geneva. The brand work on the principle of “do better if possible and that it is always possible.” This beautiful timepiece is incorporate a clean and simple design which is very aesthetic.

The watch features self-winding equivalent function and curved face design. The hour hand is gold and the minute marker is silver with a transparent back. Also, the case is gold which 40-millimeters in diameters and 8.53 millimetres thick. Calendar date recorder is placed at 6 o’ clock position.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak:

Audemars piguet is the swiss watchmakers which was founded in 1875. This is only the luxury watch brand who haven’t sold off to a corporate master and still belong to the original founders. This timepiece is the best example of quality product sold by this brand. The watch is available in eight different variations and are handmade.

The watch case is made up of 18 carats pink gold or silver with thickness of 4.26mm and diameter of 26.6mm. The face of the watch is of either onyx black or pearl white. The watch has 60 hours of power and bidirectional automatic winding. Timepiece has diamond-graved bridge bevels.

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945:

Girard-perregaux is one of the top luxury watch brands in the world which was originated in 1856 by merging two smaller swiss companies. The brand produces less watch in a year therefore they are exclusive than the other swiss brands.

Four variety of this timepiece is available and has square face design. The face has analogue dial mechanism and is of white, black and silver. The watch has moon phase or calendar date indicator, choice is of yours. There are two bands available that is black and brown leather.

Ulysses Nardin Maxi Marine Driver Chronometer:

Ulysses nardin was originated in 1846 which makes it old-school manufacturer of luxury watches. This company is specialized in marine chronometers. People who like marine watches styles attractive they will surly love the maxi marine diver chronometer. The watch has round stainless steel secured with titanium and rubber strap body.

The face of the timepiece is a striking deep blue with analogue minute-hours hands. Calendar date recorder is placed at the base of the face. The screw-down is covered with a sapphire crystal glass which protects it. The watch is water resistant to 300 meters. People who has attraction with the ocean will find this watch impressive.

Jaeger-leCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Moon 39:

This watch maker is based in Switzerland that was founded in 1833. It is known for luxury men’s watches of high-quality materials in a superior designed. This timepiece is the masterpieces from this brand. It incorporates the uncluttered round face with an analogue time mechanism and calendar date indicator.

Moon phases is mapped on the calendar date recorder. The face of the watch is available in off-clam colour with silver hour markers. The hands are contrasted against a blue second counter. Black leather band which is 4.9 millimetres is available with the watch. You get brown version in the bands.

TAG Heuer Men’s Kirium F1:

TAG Heuer is originated in 1860 and based in Switzerland. This luxury watch is perfect for active man. This timepiece is best for evening spent in the casino de monte-Carlo as they are a day of sailing of the American’s cup course in san Francisco bay. The watch is made of stainless steel and gripped to the arm with a soft leather band.

The face is of black with backlit covered with sapphire crystal that provides protection from the silver analogue dial. The dial eliminates reflected light which can make the face of a watch tough to read while on the water. This great luxury timepiece is perfect for social events and work weeks also. The watch has perpetual calendar, digital display and tracking for second-time-zone in-built.

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