Top 10 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers

Top 10 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers

Budget travel tips for student travelers

Often students need break after each and every term just to refresh their minds and to have a brand new starting to the next term.

As a student, one always has a fix budget to spend on various things. And in that budget you probably give up the thought of traveling as it there is a perception that travelling abroad can get expensive, which is not possible with that small budget you have. So even if you go for a trip then also you can’t enjoy completely because of the limited budget. But what if I say that it is possible?! At first you might think that it is not true. So this article is all about that. Here are some tips through which you can easily travel abroad and also save a lot of money. Below are the best Top 10 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers.

10 budget travel trips for student travelers:

Choose your destination wisely:

Firstly search for your affordable destination. Other thing that helps is the off-season traveling. You can always travel in off-season which is much cheaper as the prices are comparatively lower than the tourist season. You may have a little climatic difficulty but it would not be a major issue. Also the rush around the place would be less so pre-booking is also not required and you can easily enjoy your trip. Off-peak travelling also helps you get some catchy deals.

Book cheaper flights:

Flights prices may vary according to place and also season. Best way to find an affordable flight is to search and compare fares of the flights to the required destination on websites. Going to famous tourist destinations in off-seasons may help you to grab comparatively cheaper flights. And always book your flights early as the rates get too high in the end. Don’t fly on holidays and before and after weekends as most of the people commute during that time.

And always try to avoid cookies by searching in online incognito as it doesn’t hike the prices with constant searches. Search for flights from offbeat or not so famous websites. It increases your chances of getting greater deals on flights. If ticket to your destination is very pricier, then make a stop in between at someplace and from there reach your place. Sometimes this woks work and you can save a lot of money.


You can ditch the five star hotels and always have a different and yet enduring experience by living at a hostel or sharing a dorm room. This will give you more memories and off-course will cost you less than a high-five hotel room when on a budget trip. Always be careful of your stuff when you are sharing your place. Also there are many hostels where you can stay for free and in return instead of paying, you can to do some work. Isn’t that amazing? It is a big save for budget travel and people are actually having a nice experience with this one.


You can find many websites that offer the volunteering chances at various places and in return you can get a free stay. You might think that why would you work while you are on a trip. But believe me it will give you an amazing experience along with saving a lot of money. Also, you will get to meet many other travelers like you and get to hear their inspiring stories and make new friends on your trip.


If you want to travel efficiently and in budget then you need to step out of your comfort zone. If you are ready for an adventure then camping and staying in a tent is the alternative. Backpackers are quite used to this sort of living and one should experience it. With no hotel charges, you could be in nature’s lap at once and really enjoy this discomfort.

Preplan your budget:

You must always have a preplan of your expenses while you are going for a trip abroad. Although not very particular, but vague planning is a must. It will help you lot in planning the trip and also save money later during the trip. Try to figure out your accommodation, flights, transportation, food and other such charges earlier which will help you analyze your expenses later on during the trip, so that you can make adjustments on your spending habits.

Try to get the student cards and also try to earn while you travel:

There are many countries where special offers and cards are available for student travelers. Try to search about it and once you are there in that country, go and get one for you. Various transportation and tourist cards are available so as the students could get benefitted with those and also can explore the place nicely.

Save on food:

Instead of going to expensive restaurants and bars, ask the locals about the best eateries around the place. This will help you spend less on meals and explore more of local food. Make lunch your main meal, so that you can eat snacks or something light for the dinner and thus don’t end up paying too much for a meal.

Keep some snacks for munching with you on the go like chips, nuts, juices and nut bars. It will help you keep full up to another meal and thus you can end up with 2 meals instead of 3. Go on to the local vendors for buying stuff like fruit and vegetables or other eateries so that you can even cook around by staying at the hostel that allows that. All in all it would be a different experience.

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