Top 10 Travel Hacks that Will Make You A Better Backpacker

Top 10 Travel Hacks that Will Make You A Better Backpacker

Top 10 traveling hacks.

Pack light:

This is the key step to travel and one of the most important hacks. Packing light will also make it easy for you to manage and find your stuff from the suitcase. Also you won’t have to worry about carry many luggages while travelling. To pack light you can first decide what kind of outfits you’d require. Like if you are going to cooler places then a waistcoat and a sweater would be handy and inside it you can even use your clothes twice. This will make more space for you as you can keep the basics and always mix and match outfits differently. Also you can accessorize your same look differently to give it a quirky touch. So if you even pack 1-2 outfits less, it won’t look that you are repeating the same clothes everyday by following these tricks and thus save you a lot of space.

Private browsing:

This smart trick will help you save your money. You might be familiar with the incognito browsing. If not then let me tell you that incognito browsing means private browsing. It doesn’t allow your search topics to be used as cookies by other websites. Often these flights and hotel booking websites hikes up their prices if we search frequently about them. So when you are planning to book your flights and even your hotel rooms, go for private browsing. In this way you can save yourself from paying the increased sum and this will help you just pay the basic amount of the flights and hotel rooms. Also you can clear your search history before browsing, so as to save yourself from the hiked rates.

Photographs and selfies:

You might wonder how photos and selfies will become a travel hack? So let me tell you that this can be a very thoughtful hack and can be in great use if you get stuck up in a hurdle. Firstly let’s know how selfies can help. Before starting the trip make a habit of taking your selfie with your expensive gadgets or things. So while you are on the trip if you are concerned of losing your expensive things, this hack may help you get it back easily, showing your selfie and claiming that it is yours. Make sure you save your selfies in some accessible place where you can reach anytime.

Another one is taking photographs of the places you stay or you visit during your trip. So by chance if you are lost somewhere or even left out from your group or your phone is dead or not working, taking photos will help you reach your destined places easily just by showing the pictures. This hack is surely a life saving one in such situations.

Carry a dryer sheet and empty bottle:

These are some of the things that will help you while traveling at the airport. Packed clothes often tend to smell bad due to moisture after hours of traveling. To prevent that from happening, you can put the normal dryer sheets in between your clothes. This will suck up the moisture and save our clothes from that bad smell.

Many airport securities do not allow taking more than 100ml of liquid with us. So it becomes a problem if you want to carry more water or liquid with us. You might also need to pay the heavy charges. So in order to avoid that, what you can do is carry an empty water bottle according to your need which you can later fill up once you are inside the airport.

Keep expensive items safe:

We don’t want to break or end up losing our expensive items while travelling. If you are caring a laptop then you might think of carrying it in a laptop bag, but then it will increase your luggage and also it will become too obvious for the stealers. Instead what you can do is wrap your laptop in bubble wrap sheets and just tape it. It will save your space and baggage. Also, it becomes less obvious. You can carry some extra bubble wrap sheets with you or find one in the locals where you travel, so as to save the expensive stuff which you shopped from there and bring back home without breaking any part of it.

Scan all the important documents:

This hack may not cross your mind when you are preparing for the trip but following it will help you survive at the difficult times. When you are about to begin your trip, scanning all of your important documents like passport, license, identity proof, tickets and keeping a copy of it where it is accessible to you easily, will help you a lot. If you need any kind of proof to show anywhere, you can use the scanned copies and keep the originals ones safe. In case you’ve lost the original ones by chance on your trip, then also these scanned copies will help you a lot to re-acquire them easily.

Use Google maps offline:

A very helpful service that google maps provide is using it in offline mode. This is a lot of help in unknown places where we can’t use our internet access and finding a way back to the hotel can be really difficult. Or you might want to explore nearby places by yourself, then using google maps in offline mode will surely be your savior as you don’t want to end up paying huge internet charges while traveling abroad. All you need to do is open the maps and search for the directions to the places you need when you have internet access and then just type “ok google” in search bar. This is it and you are on! You can use the directions whenever you want later on and find your way out to different places.

Use the fragile tag:

This hack is something that you might have not thought of. Tie up the fragile tag on your luggage. It has two benefits. Firstly your luggage will be handled with utmost care by the airport authorities and secondly you will receive it first while collecting it. Isn’t it cool?!

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