Top 100 Blog Ideas to Start a Blog In 2022

Top 100 Blog Ideas to Start a Blog In 2022

Top 100 Blog Ideas to Start a Blog In 2022

In this blog post, you have been given 100 blog ideas to start a blog. You can start a blog on any of these topics or you can start a blog on another topic related to them.

Whatever new bloggers are, they do not know much and they choose the topics of technology as soon as they arrive.

Some things to keep in mind before starting a new blog

Before starting a new blog, you have to take care of some things by which you can run your blog for a long time and make money.

First of all, start a blog on the same topic on which your interest or about which you can write more posts without stopping. Topic about which you like to read or take knowledge on.

First of all, you have to see what you like, then you have to see whether the topic you are choosing can be monetized or not if that topic can be monetized, then you select the same topic.

100 Blog Ideas To Start a Blog In 2022

Here it is

Health Blog Ideas:-

There are a lot of micro-niches inside the health blog that I am explaining to you. Within the health category, I have told you a lot of good blog ideas on which you can start a blog and earn good revenue. To start a blog on these, you have to do good research.

In this list, I have given you a lot of ideas, which are found in a very high volume in Google.

  1. Weight loss
  2. Weight Gain
  3. Dark Circles
  4. Hair Loss
  5. Belly Fat
  6. Blood Pressure
  7. Diabetes
  8. Joint Pain
  9. Healthy Diet Plan
  10. Stomach/Head Pain

Sports Blog Ideas:-

You can create your own blog on Sports, inside it you will get a lot of ideas like if you have to sell a sports kit or write a biography on a sportsman like you will get many ideas in the sports category by making a Blog on it. Good revenue can ganarete.

I have given you more ideas in this list, you can see them.

Sports Kit

Sports Live Score

Indoor Games

Sports Costume

Sportsman DietPlan

Sports Rule

Old Matches Recorded

Sportsman Biography

Digital Marketing Blog Ideas:-

You can also start a career in digital marketing by starting your own blog, in this you get a lot of options in which you can make your own blog and in the field of digital marketing, blogging earns a lot from earning, you can earn millions.

I liked this option best on this list(100 Blog Ideas to Start a Blog).


Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Make Money Online

Business Blog Ideas:-

If you are good at doing business and can give tips to people about business so that people can grow their business or start a new business, then you should start a business blog, this will give you a lot of income and people will consider you as their mentor

Start A Business



Top Starups

Business Problem Solver

Business Coach/Guide

Education Blog Ideas:-

If you can give good knowledge about education to people or you want to get good knowledge about education yourself, then you should keep yourself updated by searching queries all these on Google and also update your blog on education-related queries. Keep this, you can also get the best income and you can also become a mentor for people who will ask you all the queries and you can answer them.

Career Blog

Job Blog

Notes/Assignment Blogs

Government Schemes

Vacancy Blog

Student of Any Class Blog like 12th Boards

Exam Preparation

Exam Result

Best Of {Coaching Center, Schools in Delhi}

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