Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to invest

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to invest

Top Artificial Intelligence stocks

There are not many Artificial intelligence stocks to invest in. The companies which get a hand on any of it have them. And at last, a very few investable Artificial intelligent stocks are left. So let’s see those top 5 Artificial intelligence stocks that are worth investing in as of September 2021.


Leading graphics chip maker Nvidia has capitalized on the rise of artificial intelligence and made its graphics cards the de facto standard in data centers around the world. The machine learning training phase requires a lot of computing power; the next phase, the inference phase, requires less. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) chips, which are primarily used for rendering video games, support both phases.

Nvidia’s data center business accounts for a growing proportion of the company’s total revenue. This segment is not all about AI. Nvidia graphics cards are being used to promote and run a wide variety of data center applications. But as we know Artificial intelligence is the real driving force behind the company’s growth.

Self-driving cars are another approach. Nvidia develops platforms, including hardware and software, that can support fully autonomous driving and driver assistance functions.

One day Nvidia’s graphics cards might be replaced by more specialized designed processors for AI, but at this moment the company is in an enviable position.


This traditional technology company is an integrated provider of hardware, software, and services for large corporate clients. The mainframe computing systems present in IBM are still ubiquitous in certain industries, and it regularly makes hundreds of millions of dollars in multi-year technology contracts.

IBM’s strategy with AI is to use technology to enhance human intelligence, increase efficiency, or reduce costs. In the healthcare industry, IBM artificial intelligence technology is used to create personalized care plans, accelerate the launch of new drugs, and improve the quality of care. In the financial services industry, with the company’s 2016 acquisition of Promontory Financial Group, IBM is leveraging artificial intelligence to help clients tackle the daunting task of financial compliance.

While the market for artificial intelligence products and services is fragmented, IBM leads the industry. Market research firm IDC ranked IBM as the market leader in artificial intelligence software platforms with a market share of 8.8% in 2019 or $ 303.8 million in sales, up 26% from last year.

IBM is a complex and changing company and AI is far from being its only opportunity for growth. However, if you want to invest in a company that is well-positioned to take advantage of the AI boom, IBM is a good choice.

Micron Technology

This leads to sometimes brutal boom-bust cycles in the semiconductor industry, where an oversupply of chips can significantly depress prices. In 2021, demand for memory chips is strong, driven by growth in cellular networks, 5G, cloud computing, and a recovery in the automotive sector, and the shortage of semiconductors has helped drive prices for DRAM chips and also NAND from Micron. Artificial Intelligence Stocks

In the future, the demand for memory chips will only grow, and that’s especially true for the artificial intelligence industry. Self-driving cars are a good example. By Micron’s estimates, all sensors and cameras produce a large amount of data at around 1GB per second. Data centers running AI processes require a lot of memory, just like smartphones that can do AI work. For example, newer iPhones use AI with the camera feature to create enhanced images. Artificial Intelligence Stocks

Micron is likely to remain volatile due to the nature of its business. Even if AI increases the demand for long-term memory chips, supply and demand prevail in the short term. If you’re in the mood for volatile action, Micron isn’t a bad way to bet on AI. Artificial Intelligence Stocks


Perhaps no company uses AI more than Amazon. Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos was an evangelist for artificial intelligence and machine learning, and although Amazon started out as an online retailer, technology has always been at the heart of the business. Artificial Intelligence Stocks

Amazon today uses artificial intelligence for everything from Alexa, its industry-leading voice-activated technology, to its cashless Amazon Go grocery stores, to Amazon Web Services Sagemaker, the cloud infrastructure tool that provides learning models, high-quality automatic for data also provides scientists and developers.

Amazon’s e-commerce business also relies on artificial intelligence, as the algorithms run its Toplight recommendation engines for e-commerce and streaming video and music. AI is Amazon’s way of determining product ranking. Artificial Intelligence Stocks

Even Amazon’s fulfillment operation benefits from its artificial intelligence capabilities, which help with planning, diversion, and other ways to improve delivery accuracy and efficiency. Drone delivery, which the company has long wanted to implement, would be another AI application for the tech giant.

It is difficult to quantify the impact AI has on Amazon’s business, but it is clear that it is a key component of the company’s competitive advantage. Throughout its history, Amazon has been a leader in emerging technologies such as e-commerce, e-books, cloud computing, video streaming, and voice-activated technology. AI provides much of the infrastructure that helps the company start new businesses quickly and efficiently. Artificial Intelligence Stocks could be closer to a pure AI stock on the stock market, as the “ai” in the company name and its ticker might suggest. While the companies listed above are diversified tech giants or chipmakers doing business in AI, artificial intelligence is at the heart of Artificial Intelligence Stocks is a SaaS company whose software enables companies to deliver great AI applications. The tools present in the company help the customers to accelerate software development and reduce costs and risks, and also they have a wide variety of practical applications. For example, the US Air Force uses C3 AI Readiness to predict aircraft system failures, identify replacement parts, and find new ways to increase operational capacity. is used by European energy company Engie (OTC: ENGIY) to analyze energy consumption and reduce energy expenditure. Artificial Intelligence Stocks is the pioneer in its industry and claims not to know of any end-to-end enterprise AI development platform that can directly compete with it. This unique positioning could make the company a big winner in the long run, although the AI SaaS market continues to develop and could attract competition from large cloud infrastructures like Amazon or Microsoft. Artificial Intelligence Stocks

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