1. Binance-  It is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, launched in 2017 with a vision to increase the freedom of money globally and improve lives around the world, it is one of the largest and fastest crypto exchanges by trade volume.
    From the research I’ve done, various pros that Binance offers are-
    ● It allows us to sell and buy and trade cryptocurrency, charging 0.1% trade.
    ● An interest rate of 0.5-10% can be earned by staking the coins for a while.
    ● Easily available payment methods to choose from like bank deposits, bank transfers,
    and credit/debit cards.
    ● It has an asset fund aa insurance in case the user’s funds are stolen.
    ● A 2 Factor authentication system for security.
    ● 50+ coins are available to trade from.
    The areas where it lacks-
    ● The con here is a heavy charge of 4.5% on debit card purchases.
    ● As per the reviews, the users have reported glitches with the 2 Factor Authentication
    Overall, it is the best cryptocurrency exchange.
    Next up is Coinbase.
  2. Coinbase- Initiated in 2012 by Co-Founder and CEO Brian Armstrong, they’ve been building the Crypto Economy- a more fair, efficient and transparent financial system. They have a user base of over 68+ Million verified users, 9000 institutions and 160,000 ecosystem partners across 10 countries. It is one of the most easily accessible, trust-worthy, creditable crypto platforms to invest, spend and earn Crypto.
    It offers various advantages to us-
    ● It offers an easily accessible and simple UI for Beginners.
    ● All of our coins are in one place.
    ● Bitcoin can be easily bought.
    ● It has FDIC Insurance in case the company ceases to exist which allows users to be
    ● It has a cold storage to set aside 98% of the user funds, so only 2% of our money could
    be stolen at any time, which in my opinion is great.
    ● It has a good variety of altcoins.
    Some of its cons are-
    ● It offers fewer payment options.
    ● It is a little expensive as compared to other crypto exchange platforms.
    ● It has a custodial wallet.
    From what I’ve come to know, it’s the best crypto exchange platform for beginners.
    Following Coinbase, we have3. Kraken- One of the oldest and largest Bitcoin exchanges in the world offering versatile
    funding options, low fees and rigorous security standards, it’s been on the forefront of
    the blockchain revolution since 2011.
    With a vision to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency to achieve financial freedom and
    inclusion, it offers the following advantages to us as users-
    ● It offers strong and rigorous security features.
    ● It has a well developed and stylish user interface.
    ● Accepts 7 Fiat Currencies and 50+ cryptocurrencies to choose from.
    ● It is well- established and reputed.
    ● It also has the feature of 3 packages of accounts depending on the user.
    As per my opinion, there is always a scope for improvement and so does Kraken. It can work
    ● It’s Customer Services, which apparently are not up to the mark as per the reviews of the
    ● The account- verification process is slow.
    ● It is not appropriately built for beginners.
    Next up is4. eToro- Established in 2007, one among the oldest crypto exchange platforms, is the
    best exchange platform for trading of crypto and Forex.
    Three young entrepreneurs with an aim of making trading accessible to anyone, anywhere and
    reduce dependency on traditional financial institutions, the platform is currently working in over
    140+ countries providing easy access to innovative investment tools.
    After a thorough research, I found out that the platform provides several benefits to its users-
    ● No commission on cryptocurrency.
    ● Easy to Navigate user interface.
    ● Offers upto 6 crypto coins.
    ● Offers $50 bonus on crypto exchanges worth $1000.
    However, it also lacks in some areas like-
    ● Charging a high trade fee.
    ● And poor customer service.
    ● One account- based currency.
    The last cryptocurrency exchange platform I found for you all is –
  3. Founded in 2016, in the process of accelerating the world’s transition to cryptocurrency, with a user base of 10M + people across 90+ countries, is empowering users across the world.
    It is the most popular crypto exchange platform for-
    ● its remarkably low fees between 0.04%- 0.02%
    ● It offers good security.
    ● It also offers upto $50 sign-up bonus.
    ● Easy transfer of funds.
    ● Interest of upto 12% can be earned.
    However, according to my research, it still needs to work upon the following-
    ● Has a great 24/7 customer service facility with options of in-app live chat, email and
    phone support, but very slow customer support.
    ● Runs on Mobile-apps only.
    ● Complex App system.
    Though no platform is perfect and it can’t be, they all have their own pros and cons which
    should be weighed by you while considering your pick in the digital currency.
    All the crypto platforms have their own unique features, however, in my opinion as a Newbie I
    would go for Coinbase, because of its simple interface.
    Nonetheless, whichever platform you guys end up choosing, I hope my blog helps you find the
    right pick for yourself.

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