Top 8 Best VPS Hosting Providers | 30X Faster

Top 8 Best VPS Hosting Providers | 30X Faster

Top 8 Best Virtual Private Servers Providers

VPS hosting sounds mysterious to many website owners as it doesn’t explain what you really get when you buy it. Here are the top 8 Best VPS Hosting Providers. Best VPS Hosting Providers

What is VPS hosting?

VPS stands for the virtual private server. “Virtual” in VPS means, your server runs as a virtual set up on a more powerful server because the server isn’t a separate machine. That parent server can have more virtual machines running. Best VPS Hosting Providers

“Private” in VPS means the server all the resources are allocated to you privately. You don’t share these resources with other customers. Best VPS Hosting Providers

Benefits:- Best VPS Hosting Providers

VPS hosting has two main benefits.

VPS setup generally guarantees stability. The server resources are assigned to you alone, which means you are immune to what any other users are doing with their server. Best VPS Hosting Providers

VPS hosting provides you full control and route access to your server. You can choose the software to install on your server and configure that software according to your wish but within reasons. This lets you match your servers configuration to your replication or your website. Best VPS Hosting Providers

// Here is a list of 8 Best VPS Hosting Services:-

Liquid web – fastest managed VPS ($15/month)


Fast load time

Unlimited websites

Fully managed

Load balancer dedicated IP address

Daily backup, DDoS protection

24/7 support

Cloudflare CDN and free SSL


Big price increase if you want to pay monthly.

For its wider range of Hosting offering, the liquid web is well known in the Web hosting industry. They have an all range of optimized setup for small online stores and WordPress sites to enterprise-level servers that go for a thousand dollars. Best VPS Hosting Providers

Liquid web cloud VPS hosting plans sit somewhere in between price-wise. They also offer uptime of 99.99% and a loading time of 400 ms which is excellent. Best VPS Hosting Providers

They run their own hosting infrastructure and have 5 data centers that are 2 in the US, one in London, Amsterdam, and Sydney. Best VPS Hosting Providers

They offer easy integration with Cloudflare CDN and Akamai and their setups are ready to handle in any terms of traffic. DDoS protection, a cloud load balancer, server protection layers, and vulnerability assessment integrated. Best VPS Hosting Providers

They provide you daily backups and free website migration. Liquid web clouds are fully managed VPS.

They also provide their 24/7 support services. They may take a little while to reply.

Pricing –

Liquid web offer packages starting from $15/month with 2 years of commitment. After this period you need to pay $59 / month which is expensive. This plan includes an unlimited number of sites, 2GB of RAM, 2 vCPUs, 40 GB of SSD disk space, 10 TB of bandwidth, and Linux. Best VPS Hosting Providers

The liquid web uses InterWorx as it’s hosting control panel. It’s not a very popular solution and thus increases the learning curve. If you want to use cPanel or Plesk, then you need to pay an additional fee.

Hosting on Windows servers can be done with a starting price of $54 / month paid for 2 years upfront.

There are no refund policies on VPS plans offered by the liquid web.

2. ScalaHosting – cheapest managed VPS ($9.95/month)


Unlimited websites

Fully managed

Free unlimited websites migration

Good scalability

Daily backups and SShield security system.

Dedicated IP address

Cloudflare CDN

24/7 support


Paid SSL certificate.

ScalaHosting was founded in 2007 which is relatively recently by industry standard. Which makes the VPS hosting accessible to everyone. There are many different types of hosting offered but their VPS setups remain flagship. Best VPS Hosting Providers

They give you an uptime guarantee of 99.99% with an average speed of 897 ms.

Scala runs its own hosting infrastructure. They have two data centers which are located now in the US and another in Europe.

The plans of VPS hosting are scalable and you can configure your machine up to granular level. For example, you can pick unlimited CPU cores, RAM, and SSD storage space according to your need.

They provide you Fully managed setup, unlimited site migration, and also own SShield security protection system.

Customer support is available 24/7 via live chat and ticket support.

Scala runs a custom management panel that is SPanel. SPanel is the same as cPanel.


VPS provider offers to host in many different configurations and you can build your server according to your needs. The starting plan is $9.95/ month when paid for three years and $12 when paid monthly. Best VPS Hosting Providers

This plan includes 2GB ram, 1 CPU core, 20 GB of SSD disk space. You need to pay for an SSL certificate as it is not free in this plan which starts from $30/year.

30 days of a money-back guarantee is provided by them.

3. HostGator- most unlimited VPS ($19.95/month ) – Best VPS Hosting Providers


100% of uptime

Unlimited websites

Fully managed

Two dedicated IP addresses

Weekly backups, DDoS protection.

24/7 support


No cPanel in the base plan.

High renewal fees

HostGator is one of the most well-known hosting companies. Two types of hosting, domain registrar, and own custom website builder tool is provided by them. Best VPS Hosting Providers

The uptime is great that is 99.97% but the speed is not so good that is 1064ms.

There are two data centers of Hostgator located in Utah and Texas (US).

The server specs are flexible as compared to the shared server hosting setup. You can do anything with your server as they give you full root access.

RAID-10 disk configuration, weekly backups, and unlimited free Cpanel to cPanel migration are also provided.

24/7 customer support is available. They will give you extra time to fix things for you.

Pricing –

HostGator offers VPS hosting starting from $19.95/ month when paid for three years and $29.95 when paid monthly.

You get an unlimited number of sites, 2 GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 120 GB of disk space, and 1.5 TB of bandwidth.

The server comes with no control panel. For panel installation, you need to pay $10/month and renewals are$79.95/ month.

Also, they provide you 45-days Money back guarantee.

4. Bluehost VPS – $18.99/ month (fully managed )


Fast average load time

Unlimited websites

Fully managed

Dedicated IP address

Daily backups, DDoS protection

Access control module

The free domain name for 1st year

24/7 support


Data centers in the US only.

Bluehost covers all types of servers from cheap shared servers to fully-capable dedicated servers. They have a good selection of hosting options on offer. There VPS offers a good balance of features. Best VPS Hosting Providers

The uptime of Bluehost is 99.99% and the load time is 750ms.

Bluehost uses its own server infrastructure or hosting environment. Other than this they provide root access, modern technologies like OpenStack and KVM, guarantee resources, and dynamic resource allocation. Best VPS Hosting Providers

The original features like instant provisioning and great access control module also offered. The enhanced control panel of Bluehost is built on top of cPanel that manages your server. It features special tools for VPS management and WHM control.

They provide 24/7 customer service.

Pricing –

Starting from $18.99/month with three years of commitment is the cheapest VPS hosting plan. Reducing the length of the contract increases the price of $29.99 / month. Best VPS Hosting Providers

Unlimited number sites, 2GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 30GB of SSD disk space, 1 TB of bandwidth, 1 IP address are the features you get at that price.

Bluehost includes a dedicated IP address, a free domain name for 1 year, and a free SSL certificate.

$29.99/ month is the renewal cost. They also offer a 30days Money back guarantee.

5. InMotion VPS – $22.99/ month (managed)


Fast average load time

Unlimited websites

Fully managed

3 dedicated IP addresses, free SSL

DDoS protection



Higher Renewal price.

InMotion hosting is all the different angles they take in the web hosting industry. They also have tailor-made offerings for freelancers, agency owners, and resellers. InMotion hosting has something or other for you no matter what you do. Best VPS Hosting Providers

They have two types of VPS hosting- managed and unmanaged. Managed is the one most of people choose.

The load time is very good. That is 500ms and an average uptime of 99.97%.

They have two data centers of their own, one in L.A and another in Washington DC.

They come with a neat dashboard that shows your resource consumption. You get route access scheduled backups and access to secure email accounts.

Free website migration transfer is also available. Every account gets two hours of dedicated time with a T3 system administrator.

The customer support is available 24/7, you can contact them via toll-free phone lines, emails, live chat.

Pricing –

The VPS cloud hosting plans start from $22.99/month with 3 years of contract and $54.99 if you pay monthly.

For that price, you get an unlimited number of sites, 4 GB RAM, 75 GB of SSD disk space and 4 TB of bandwidth.

InMotion Hosting includes 3 dedicated IP addresses, free SSL, a free domain, Cpanel admin 5 license.

$64.99/month is the renewal cost. 90 days money-back guarantee is also offered.

6. A2 Hosting VPS – $25/month (managed) – Best VPS Hosting Providers


Unlimited websites

Fully managed

2 dedicated IP addresses and free SSL.

KernelCare and DDoS protection

24/7 support system

Anytime money-back guarantee.


Slow average load time.

A2 hosting has multiple types of hosting setups like WordPress hosting and E-commerce. Many of them come in different configurations.

VPS selection offers 3 main types of setups such as unmanaged, managed, and managed+route access that is core VPS.

The uptime is 99.99% with 1134ms loading time which is not so good.

They run their own hosting infrastructure with data centers in the US, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

A2 Hosting VPS server is developer-friendly, gives you access to Cpanel and all popular technologies and software platforms. Server security and backups are managed for you.

Customer support is available 24/7. The support team calls themselves guru crew support.

Pricing –

The plan starts from $25/month for 2 years and $61 when you pay monthly.

Free website migration and unlimited email accounts are also included.

Renewal starts from $49.99/month. They offer you a guaranteed money-back guarantee.

7. Hostinger VPS -$3.95/ month (unmanaged) – Best VPS Hosting Providers


Fast average load time

Cheapest VPS hosting on the list

Unlimited websites

Dedicated IP address and DDoS protection

24/7 customer service

Pick your server OS


4 years contract

Paid backups.

Hostinger is known for its affordable pricing of different hosting types. The Hostinger VPS plans start from $3.95/month.

Hostinger provides high performance with 99.99% uptime and loads time of 300 MS.

They have data centers in the US, Asia, and the UK.

Hostinger gives you all the basic features and also some extra that are not provided by more expensive hosts. You can pick your server OS.

You get full root access, a dedicated IP address, IPv6 support, and easy web script installers.

24/7 customer service support is available via live chat. This is an unmanaged server that is why you have to manage all the tasks.

Pricing –

Hosting VPS starts from $3.95/ month with 4 years of the contract (which is the longest among the list ) but this plan is the cheapest of all and a great option for small businesses. For monthly $9.95 is to be paid and renewals at$9.95/ month.

In this, you get features such as an Unlimited number of sites, 1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 20 GB of SSD disk space, and 1 TB of bandwidth.

You have to pay in addition to the daily backups that are $1.89 / month. For priority support, you can pay $1.99/ month.

30day money back is guaranteed.

8. DreamHost VPS – $10/month (unmanaged ) – Best VPS Hosting Providers


Unlimited websites

Unlimited traffic

Dedicated IP address

Dedicated server resources

Reseller and sub-accounts

Free SSL


Live chat supports only from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm

Slow average load time.

DreamHost offers a wide range of different hosting setups that cater to different users’ needs and requirements. DreamHost VPS setup also provides variety and good price to value ratio.

The uptime is 99.97% which is too much downtime. The loading time is 1048 ms which is slow.

The data centers are located in the US of Dreamhost that make them not ideal for rest of international business and websites.

DreamHost is managed only in performance, security, and updates. The software installs, website management, etc is handled by you.

The DreamHost all plans come with unlimited bandwidth and traffic, unlimited MySQL databases, and email accounts. Because of the dedicated resources of the server, we get unhindered performance. The managing is done by a custom control panel. You also get reseller and sub-account features.

Customer support is only available from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm, which is not ideal.


The DreamHost plan starts from$10/month with a three-year contract, $15/month if you pay monthly.

You get Unlimited number of sites, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB of SSD disk space, Unlimited traffic and Unlimited email accounts

There are no refund policies.

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