Top Reasons Why Onlive Server's Russia VPS Server is Beneficial for Your businesses Site

Top Reasons Why Onlive Server's Russia VPS Server is Beneficial for Your businesses Site

The covid-19 pandemic has forced many traditional businesses to try their businesses online. Over 85,000 firms have made online stores or connected online marketplaces in the previous months. Following the covid-19 lockdown outbreak in Russia, many tech companies and tiny online businesses arose. As a result, all small and large enterprises require a Web hosting space for their websites and applications.

Traditional businesses have realized that to scale; they must have a solid online or internet presence. In addition, they require a strong social media presence too. As a result, most businesses are moving from offline to online, requiring VPS Hosting space in Russia to house their online presence. And this makes them ideal for companies that need high-performance hosting services at an affordable price point. With Onlive Server's Russia VPS Server, you will enjoy all the benefits of dedicated server hosting without having to deal with any technicalities involved in its setup process.

What do You know about VPS Server?

The VPS hosting has all of the features of a dedicated server, with the added benefits of lower overhead and no need to manage hardware. It is a virtual private computer that operates like a physical server but can be operated and maintained from a remote location. While many web hosting providers offer VPS Hosting services, they are generally less expensive than dedicated servers.

A virtual private server is similar to a dedicated server except that it's not physically located at your company's data Centre. Instead, it's hosted by a web hosting provider in one of many worldwide locations. It's also more likely to have fewer resources than a dedicated server since there's less hardware to manage and more periodic systems to maintain. But these days, many companies are going virtual with virtualization technology that allows them to run multiple instances on one physical machine without buying additional hardware.

Here are some Reasons Why choose Onlive Server's Russia VPS Server


It offers a wide range of Russia VPS Server Hosting plans affordable to most businesses and organizations. The user can customize the prices according to their needs and budget. It provides a dedicated IP, and SSH access is included in our VPS hosting plans.

Free Domain Name Registration

You can register your domain name with us at no cost. It also offers free SSL certificates to secure your site from hackers or malicious attacks quickly. If you want even more security than we provide, then feel free to choose from our extra security features like DDoS protection.

Choice of Operating System (Linux and Windows)

The choice of Operating system is one of the most important factors when choosing server hosting, as you need to know what OS will run your website. We have both Linux and Windows versions. Our Linux versions are based on Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Debian, and more, while our Windows versions are based on Windows Server 2007/2010/2012/2016/2019.

24/7 Technical Support

It provides 24/7 technical support to our customers. If you encounter any problem with your server, please get in touch with us immediately via live chat or email so we can solve it as soon as possible.

Customizable Plans

You can choose the plan that fits your business needs by adding additional resources such as RAM, disk space, bandwidth, etc. Its Custom plan comes with up to 4 CPU cores, up to 4 GB RAM, up to 120 GB SSD and unlimited bandwidth.

Choice of Control Panel

You can use the control panel to access your server, track your server resources and check your server performance. It provides WHM, Plesk, and cPanel at the cheapest cost, and you can choose according to your server needs. And here, you can also select the free control panel.

There are some top free control panels:

• Webmin

• Sentora

• VestaCP

• Centos web panel

• Virtualmin

• ISPconfig

• Website Panel (on windows server)

Why Host Your business website in Russia?

It is a country that is fast becoming one of the world economies. And it is ideal for businesses to host their websites and online stores. It is also an emerging technology hub with a growing IT industry and innovators. And there are some reasons why hosting your website in Russia makes sense for your business.

Excellent infrastructure: Russia's internet infrastructure has been growing exponentially over recent years. This means that you can expect your website load times to be quick and reliable, which will help boost your business's reputation on the web.

High-Speed Internet: Russia has one of the fastest internet connections available worldwide. There are plenty of connections available, both via cable and fiber-optic cables. This means you can get high speeds from your ISP without paying extra fees. This means that you can load your website quickly, allowing you to communicate with clients promptly and efficiently.

Anti-DDOS protection: Hosting providers use this feature to prevent hackers from DDOS attacks by using multiple servers to block traffic from malicious IP addresses.

If you are looking for a reliable web hosting company in Russia, which offers low prices, then Onlive Server is an excellent choice. We offer affordable plans with great features such as MySQL database, complete control of your server, free SSL Certificate, unlimited bandwidth and SSD Storage space. Here you can also choose between managed and unmanaged plans. We have been providing web hosting services for many years, so our knowledge and experience help us to provide the best technical support for our clients.

Some essential features of choosing Russia VPS Server hosting from this company

Its VPS hosting plans come with all the vital parts, such as:

• Unlimited Bandwidth

• SSD Storage Space

• 24/7 Customer Support

• DDoS Protection

• High-Security Firewall

• KVM Hypervisor

• Dedicated IP addresses

• Data Center - Moscow, Russia

• Fully managed Services

• Free setup


Some top web hosting provider offers cost-effective and high-capacity Russia VPS Hosting that delivers top-of-the-line security, speed, and support, making them an ideal choice for growing businesses. The high resource power of these VPS servers makes them perfect for companies looking to run applications like E-Commerce websites, databases, or media streaming sites with no lag time or interruption.

If you want a higher level of security in your business's online presence, it is essential to opt for a VPS Server that is reliable and secure. And With Onlive Servers' full hardware redundancy and constant monitoring of their VPS Servers, you can understand that your site has the highest level of protection possible. Your data will be kept safe on a solid-state drive with RAID protection.

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