Ultimate Singapore Vacation Guide 8 days under 1lakh budget

Ultimate Singapore Vacation Guide 8 days under 1lakh budget

Planning to travel to Singapore for vacation? Good choice but don’t get too enticed with the itineraries many travel agents share with you. The travel agents won’t share an itinerary that covers up all the good places in Singapore in 8 days and that too in just 1 lakh budget I can guarantee on that. Instead we suggest going on the trip on your own. Believe me it will be a lot of fun and adventure for you. Just follow this guide and you are more than good to go on this trip to singapore - island of adventure. We promise you won’t miss out on any activity or places in Singapore with this itinerary. Another good thing is I will share with you the best 2 days you will spend on a royal cruise which is also included in the 1 lakh budget I shared. Shocked? , don’t be because i will also tell you what you should definitely do and what you can miss without any tension in singapore which will further reduce your cost of vacation and you can do some shopping instead. Does that sound exciting to you? So are you ready to uncover the great Singapore diary which will give you the best 8 days in singapore?

Oh sorry I forgot to add 1 more important point for you. The budget of 1 lakh here includes your flight ticket as well. Yes you heard it right, many travelers will say the budget is less and they won’t include the flight tickets which is a real bummer. But we will give you a well created itinerary starting from home and back to your sweet home.

So let's discuss what all is included in the itinerary and their costing now.

Flight Tickets - return flight to home will cost you around 25k. Do the booking on time and with some discount vouchers in place, you can even get this done in just 20k. Yes that is true. We did the tickets for 2 people (me and my wife for 42k) but later the flight got canceled just 15 days before the departure date which forced us to buy another ticket for 50k.

Note :- Don’t Book Malaysian flights, they tend to get canceled at the last moments. We booked Malindo and they have not refund us back for the flight cancellation till now.

Visa Cost :- 6K. It cost us more than what it actually cost. Yes this is true. The actual cost of visa per person is just 3k + 500 INR commission by the visa agent. So why did we have to pay almost double the price? The reason was we had to bear the cost of a passport courier from Bangalore to Delhi and back and we did that with priority courier services which are extra chargeable. Plus our agent was a assh***. He charged us extra by making multiple reasons like the passport photo is not clear, need these extra docs as well and what not. We somehow managed to land with a visa for 12k for 2 people. I am not going to that visa agent again.

Are you writing all this or not? If not , worry not, we have tabulated all at the end of the article for you. But in order to understand all this money business, I suppose it is a good idea to read once and then jump to the final table below. In the final table we have shared our expenditure for 2 people and also the best price you can get on anything per person. Cool right, now you can do your own bookings and just match up with the prices we have shared and you are all set.

Wanna know more, then just check out the complete post here :- "Singapore Travel Guide"

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