Unbounce Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons)

Unbounce Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons)

Unbounce Review

This review has covered following contents:

• Landing page creation

• Landing page publishing on WordPress site

• Integrating Unbounce with CRM

• Running A/B test in Unbounce

• Using sticky bars and popups

Unbounce Overview

Unbounce is a conversion platform that helps in creating landing pages . These landing pages are optimized for conversions. You can easily deploy pop ups and sticky bars in Unbounce that helps in increasing engagements with people . It don’t require you to be master in any of those technologies i.e. HTML, Java Script, PHP etc. The platform is very easy to use.

Pros and cons of Unbounce


• It is quick in building and publishing landing pages.

• For testing it quickly creates variants.

• Provides excellent templets along with some third party options for more templates example Theme Forest.

• Highly customizable

• Built a great landing page.

• Has a good split testing functionality


• Lack of key features in form builder

• You can do spilt testing to the landing pages which were created outside of the Unbounce.

• Loss of Unbounce landing pages as a source of data has been seen in google.

• They don’t give option of adding custom classes to buttons which prevents tracking goals in Unbounce.

Unbounce Features

• Landing pages : Unbounce helps you in building landing page along with various other tools at your disposal.

The drag and drop landing page builder of Unbounce means that you can pick up any tool from the list and create pages without any problem of writing any code or without using any design software.

1. Drag and drop builder : any part of your landing page can be added, removed or even customized easily with few clicks.

2. 100 + templates : you can easily build your pages from the templates provided or you can also create templates on your own.

3. Clone and edit : you can save your time as it provides you with the facility to duplicate and edit any of your successful landing page for creating new campaigns.

4. Copy – Paste : you also get the option to copy paste elements to another landing page from any earlier landing page so that there is no need to create it from start .

5. Full control : you can easily add your branding by customizing each and every detail to the pixel.

6. Quick publishing : you can use Unbounce’s WP landing page plugin to publish the landing page in your WordPress straightly . You can also use your own custom domain to do so.

• Popups and sticky bars : you can easily generate leads as you get option of easily creating popups and sticky bars.

1. Drag and drop builder : you can easily create a fast and robust popups and sticky bars.

2. Templates : you can also create your popups using templates and customizing them according to your need.

3. Targeting and triggers : you can easily choose who can view your popups and also you can keep an eye on the triggers . It also helps you in swapping contents dynamically based on keywords of the visitors.

4. Schedule : it is a campaign that runs automatically and always shows you your relevant promotions.

5. A/B testing : it helps in testing offers and messages so that you can maximize your popup’s and sticky bar’s impact.

• A/B Testing : testing helps in improving the landing pages. It is provided in all plans of Unbounce. You can easily optimize your popups and landing pages for maximizing performance.

• Reports and analytics : it helps you in measuring your landing page performance.

• Dynamic text replacement : it increases conversions and relevance by matching the contents of the landing pages to the search queries visitors typed .

• Smart traffic : it is a conversion tool which is powered by AI that helps in sending the traffic to relevant landing pages.

1. AI optimization : in 50 visits AI algorithm of Unbounce starts optimizing .

2. Automated CRO : it helps in increasing conversions without waiting for the tests to reach a statistical significance.

3. Fast results : you can test landing page variations with the help of Smart Traffic.

• AMP landing pages : it helps in creating AMP landing pages which gives speed 85% more than what standard mobile pages do.

1. Creating AMP landing pages : you can easily create AMP landing pages without any hassle in development.

2. AMP template : you are also provided with mobile optimized AMP templates which you can easily customize from scratch.

3. Up to date : Unbounce helps in keeping your codes and pages up to date with the help of AMP standard.

• Lead form builder : it helps in creating and adding forms to your landing pages.

Pricing plans of Unbounce

There are basically three core plans of Unbounce . And all the plans provide almost all of the major features. Below is the list of the pricing of the Unbounce plans :

• Essential plan : $ 79 / month

• Premium plan : $ 159 / month

• Enterprise plan : $ 399 + / month

The only difference between all the plans is of number of provided landing pages and popups you can create. The basic plans or the starting plan of Unbounce is essential plan costing you $ 79 / month. You are provided with 79 landing pages along with eight sticky bars and eight popups. The basic plan is suitable for the small businesses needs. Both the essential and premium plan provided you limit of 5,00,000 monthly visitors.

The premium plan provides you with 150 landing pages along with 16 sticky bares and 16 popups. This plan charges you $ 159 /month. The last plan of Unbounce is the enterprise plan . This plan cost you $ 399 / month. It provides you with lot of features along with 375 landing pages and 40 sticky bars and 40 popups.

Some of the most advanced popup targeting settings are not provided in essential plans for example the AMP landing page . Enterprise plan consist of some technical features which is only reserved for this plan. For example audit logs, dedicated support, and page migration. The Unbounce team makes it a point to make available all its important features to every plan so each customer can avail it .

Unbounce Conclusion

Unbounce is the best landing page builder. There will be no regret from the users using them. It is one of the best platform we have reviewed. No one can disagree from this point of view.

But there are some backdrops too that it unnecessarily adds a lot of work load on you. These things basically happens to them who are quite new to get it start. But it is really nice to have some smooth integrations in particular with Google Analytics.

But a point should be noted that there are majority of reasons on going for Unbounce upon not going for Unbounce. It is considered to be the best in landing page builder market. If any problem occurs while using this landing page platform it itself get fixed with a few tweaks and integrations. You can try this free for about 30 days .

Do we recommend Unbounce Landing Page

Yes we do recommend Unbounce. If you are on the way hunting for landing page you should and must go for the Unbounce landing page .

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