Universities That Offer MIM with a Low Tuition Fee

Universities That Offer MIM with a Low Tuition Fee

We all know that pursuing a
master’s course will definitely cost more. Education with quality always asks
for higher costs all over the world, whether in India or Foreign Countries.
However, this article will give a short description of the universities that
are offering the best Masters in International Management (MIM) course with a
low tuition fee.

Various kinds of scholarships are
available for the students to lower the burden of a higher amount of fees for
the master’s degree. Scholarships are offered to lower the burden of the
students who want to pursue MIM or any master’s degree and won’t be capable to
pay their fees. However, the competition made it tough for the students to get

Every University avails a tough
criterion for the students to clear out for getting a scholarship. Only the
students with the best academic performances will get the intake. So, there is
a need for searching the universities that offer MIM courses at a relatively
cheaper price. We have discussed the best universities that provide MIM with a
low tuition fee.

Which Universities Provide MIM with a
Low Tuition Fee?

Here is a list of top foreign
universities that offers MIM course within an affordable tuition fee. Students
who are willing to pursue their MIM from abroad and hesitates due to the high
fee structure can go through these universities:

The University of Hamburg,
Hamburg is a renowned university and known as the biggest
education and research organization in northern Germany.  The university offers the best faculty,
facility, infrastructure, cost of living, and several other benefits for the
students at a relatively affordable price. Students willing to pursues MIM can
go to this university. Students need to pay 325 EUR only, as a tuition fee, for
every semester. 

Norwegian School of Economics,
Norwegian School of Economics is a government organization that
offers the best higher education course including the MIM course in Norway. With
a wonderful student’s campus to an excellent educational facility, everything
is perfect for a student to pursue their higher studies here. 

Norwegian school consists of the
best infrastructural facilities and above all, it does not charge any tuition
fees. So, students can definitely go to this institute.

University of Bologna, Italy:
Italy is a beautiful place and considered one of the best European universities
for offering higher education studies. Being a country with a beautiful and
rich culture, Italy costs low prices for students to pursue their master’s
courses. Internationally, students consider the University of Bologna for its
best educational opportunities at a low tuition fee that costs approx. 2200 EUR
every year.

McGill University, Canada:
Coming on to the most preferable place for higher education, Canada. Pursuing MIM in Canada is a
dream come true for every student who wants to pursue MIM from abroad. McGill
offers all the required facilities to its students at a lower price considered
to other Canadian institutes. The overall cost for MIM in Canada at McGill
University charges 32000 CAD.

University of Manitoba,
Another best college that offers MIM in Canada at low
tuition fees is the University of Manitoba. It charges approx. 34000 CAD for
pursuing the complete MIM courses. Covering everything at its best such as a
library, academics, and other platforms, Manitoba University is preferable for
higher education in Canada.

New York University, USA:
popular as the innovator of higher education, the USA offers the best
MIM course without any doubt. New York University is one of the best
universities in the USA globally, which offers the complete MIM course within
40000 USD. It is relatively low than the other countries in the USA.

New York University offers
demanding and quality education to its students with the best infrastructural
facilities and the expertise faculties. Also, students get various
opportunities while or after pursuing their higher education at this

Macquarie University,
Among the popular universities of Australia, Macquarie is one of
the best universities that offer MIM courses at low tuition fees. The total
tuition fee charged for the complete MIM program is 28310 AUD. This is the
annual tuition fee charged by the university, which is really affordable as
compared to the other institutions of Australia.

Now, coming to the end of the
article we want to say that, these were the best 7 universities that can be
considered for pursuing a MIM degree with a relatively low tuition fee. These
universities offer you quality education within an affordable tuition fee. The
above-mentioned universities are popular for their positive environment for
studies and infrastructural benefits.

Students from all over the world
preferably join this university as they are willing to get a quality education
from the best faculty members. Along with education, students are offered the
best job placements too. With the best programs offered and the real-based project, students are prepared to survive in the competitive fields.

So, if you are willing to take
your career to reach ultimate heights and want a quality professional life, you
can join the above universities and carry on with the best. Select any one of
the best institutes and enhance your career opportunities.

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