Updraftplus Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons)

Updraftplus Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons)

Updraftplus Review

Updraftplus plugin is a trusted WordPress backup plugin. It helps in simplifying backups and along with that restoring it. It is one of the most popular backup plugin with around two million currently active installs. You can easily backup your database and files in the cloud and later on restore it with just a click. You can backup your files and database directly to the Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud FTP, emails, Updraft vault, Openstack Swift, Dream Object. The paid version of it could be backed up into the Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive, WebDAV, SFTP, Backblaze B2, SCP.

We must have easily installed , configure and backed up the WordPress site many a times while working but we have must have rarely restored these backups. You must be knowing that backing up is easy and of course it comes with the freemium plans but the restoring process is not at all free. The plugins cost you or charges you some amount for restoring these backups . The restoration process is not at all free. But that just not wrong, the plugins also need something so that they could generate certain revenues for their development processes.

But you must note down that the Updraftplus do not cost you any charge for the restoration purpose . In their freemium plans you get both the backups and restoration feature.

Why should you trust Updraftplus

A WordPress plugin is the only factor on which you can rely during your crucial times. Therefore there is a need of trust which must be maintained while using them and make sure about it that they won’t take you in the time of need. The best free WordPress plugin which should be trusted definitely is Updraftplus.

Below are the three mentioned reasons for which you should trust them :

• The Updraftplus plugin comes in the list of top 23 most installed plugins of WordPress. It has been installed by over 6M + people.

• It has achieved the highest star rating among all the WordPress Backup plugin which is 4.9 starts out of 5 stars.

• There are about 2M + WordPress blog which uses the Updraftplus for example Microsoft, P&G , Cisco, etc.

Updraftplus features

Below is a list of features which you will get in Updraftplus :

• One click backup : all the files from the themes, database and the plugins are included in the WordPress backup. Thus making it one click restore. You can easily sync your backs to FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, Rackspace cloud, email, Dream Object, Amazon S3, Updraft vault, Open Stack Swift.

• Set schedules : you can easily set up a schedule every 4 , 8 or 12 hours or may be daily , weekly, fortnightly, monthly. Its helps you in knowing that when you have taken backups and moreover makes you assure that your backups have been done safely and later when the blog site goes down you can easily restore them with one click.

• Restore in few clicks : you can easily restore your backups from the WordPress console with just a few clicks.

Updraftplus premium features

You get a lot of features in the free version of the Updraftplus but when it comes to power users, it is limited. But the premium version of the Updraftplus provides you with full power of Updraftplus by giving freedom from all limitations.

Below is the list of features offered in the premium version of Updraftplus.

• Set custom scheduling for backups : the premium version provides you with the facility of setting the custom timing to carry on the automatic backups. Therefore you have a full control on your blog. You set up the exact timing at which you wished to create, delete and retain backups.

• Includes all of the add on free : you can enjoy all the add on free. The Updraftplus’s premium version gives you the facility of adding all the add on. You just need to upgrade your version to the premium version all done.

• Encrypted backups : the encryption gives your backup a different level of protection. They help in protecting your backups from any third party who may be trying to hack or access your backups.

• Restore from other plugin backups : the premium version of the Updraftplus can be helpful in restoring up the backups created by some other backup plugins. That means if sometimes your current backup gets corrupted you have the chance of safeguarding you other backups and using them.

• 1 GB free storage : you are provided with the Updraft vault whose capacity of storing is 1 GB . You can securely upload all the backups created by you on them. This vault is created by same team therefore it becomes very easy to restore these backups whenever needed.

• Premium support : the premium version of Updraftplus provides you the support of the developer team. Creating backups is a quite serious issue and then later restoring these backups completely sometimes need professionals to do so. Hence these developer team helps you a lot in backing up and restoring them up.

Updraftplus Pricing

No matter what your budget is and what the size of your website is updraft plus is the best suggestions for you. You can download the Lite version free from the WordPress repository. The Lite version would be enough for you if you are just trying to schedule a complete backup of your blog or your site. This gives you the facility of restoring your site quickly if you had any loss of data. You can also set up a remote backup using Lite version in Google Drive, Rackspace cloud, FTP, email, drop box, Amazon S3, Openstack swift, updraft vault. The premium version costs you $ 70 for two site licence. The premium version gets you the facility of free support, all the add ONS and updates for one year along with free 1 GB storage of updraft vault subscription. There are basically four categories of payment plans of updraft plus premium which are as follows

• The updraft premium personal : this costs $ 70. It gives you access to 2 site licences.

• The updraft premium business : this costs $ 95. It gives you access to 10 site licences.

• The updraft premium agency : this costs $ 145 It gives you access to 35 site licences.

• The updraft premium enterprise : this costs $ 245. It gives you access to unlimited site licences.

If you just want the add ONS without subscribing to any of the premium plans you can just purchase them individually according to your needs.

Updraftplus support system

You can go through every aspect of the Updraftplus plugin usage by going through thoroughly the documentations them. The customer support system is provided through the support forums . There are basically two forums maintained by the Updraftplus team which are

• The WordPress forum for the users subscribed for the free plugins .

• The customer support forum for the users subscribed for the premium plugins .

You also get an option of purchasing a support package so that you can get assistance if you are a not paying customer. If the purchased support packages turned out to be somewhat related to some bugs the team provides you with the full refund.

Updraftplus Conclusion

In the WordPress repository one of the most popular plugin which schedules backups is Updraftplus with a installation of more than a million number . It is considered as a most comprehensive WordPress plugin in terms of the features provided by them . The newbies get a very user-friendly interface to create and restore backups. You get a lot of cloud backups in the Updraftplus , both other plugin has ever provided so much. They have never compromised to the speed if you are looking for such king of backup solution Updraftplus is an option. The Updraftplus is a highly optimised for server performance therefore they do not use much of the server resources when compared to what other competitors consume.

Recommended ?Yes.

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