UX Design & COVID-19: How to reimagine UX for a post-pandemic world?

UX Design & COVID-19: How to reimagine UX for a post-pandemic world?

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on practically every system we rely on, altering our behaviour in every aspect of our life. Companies and even the best UI UX design agency in USA had to adapt fast to satisfy their customers' changing needs, completely reimagining the user experience.

Now is the moment to rethink UX!

In just a few weeks, the complete scenery of human civilization as we know it has shifted dramatically – from an adventurous, theatre-park-mall grazing, vehicular, and "wanderlust" organisms, we have evolved into a panic-buying, crowd-averse, and hygiene-sensitive group, halfheartedly detained within the walls of our households.

In this article, we'll look at some of the developments that have occurred in the last year and as per the best UI/UX design companies in USA, how they will affect UX long after we've moved on from COVID.

Altered Behaviors, Affected Systems

People tried to restructure their lives when stay-at-home directives and company closures first occurred.

People who had previously used Zoom for business meetings were now using it for socialising. For the very first moment, completely new users signed on to view their dear ones. Digital Zoom replicas of programs that couldn't be conducted in reality - from software conventions to school to poetry slams – were launched.

To put it another way, individuals altered their lifestyles in part by accepting and adapting existing technologies to assist them in carrying out pre-pandemic activities.

However, because platforms like Zoom weren't meant for activities like poetry readings or Sunday dinners, many users were disappointed by their interactions. These encounters confirmed the UX idea that design should occur in the opposite direction: consumers should not be pushed to adjust to technology, products, or designs. Those items should be designed to meet the needs of the users.

Knowing Context is the foundation of good design.

Initially on in the pandemic, it became evident that Zoom wasn't ideal for social events with those who were less tech-savvy. That's obvious: it wasn't intended for usage in that situation.

If its creators had foreseen how users would use it this year, they could have incorporated functionality that detected when a user's connection was intermittent and changed to audio-only mode automatically.

Alternatively, they might have placed the mute/unmute button more apparent or implemented an automatic mute/unmute option.

Without the need for an awareness of context, good design is impossible to achieve in any business or environment. Steve Jobs famously said that you can't just start with technology; you have to begin with the user experience and move back to see if technology can help.

To put it another way, you must first determine your clients' issue before determining how to tackle it, whether or not your answer includes technology.

During the pandemic, user expectations shifted. They aren't going to change completely.

Businesses began to offer new products/services, as well as extending current services and products, as a result of the pandemic's system interruption.

Curbside pickup is one prominent example, which retailers like Walgreens and Home Depot began offering very immediately after the shutdown.

Demand for grocery retailers that had previously offered delivery skyrocketed. Many businesses that had no digital presence at all hurried to find a method for clients to interact and transact online.

We talk all the time about "returning to normal," but for consumer expectations, there'll be no turning back — many pandemic advances will become part of our everyday life.

For instance, if you are sick in the coming and have to grab medication at the pharmacy, don't you believe you'll prefer curbside pickup to protect the chemists' and other patients' health and safety?

Would it not be wonderful to purchase groceries online and also have them sent when you come home if you're going away on holiday?

Or, if you can't really make it to the show's physical location, wouldn't it be nice to be able to watch it from the comfort of your own couch? That would save you both time and money.

Companies have been forced to provide a bigger diversity of experiences to their clients in recent years. As a result, we now anticipate the availability of that kind. When we've witnessed how matters can be, we're definitely not going back to the old ways were. Throughout the board, the standard for UX has been elevated. And the best UI UX design services in USA have to elevate too.

Taking a Broader View on User Experience

If you're not familiar with UX, you could believe that it's all about designing screens. While that is a portion of what we do, the foundation of what we do is considerably broader.

Today's UX experts are working with completely different systems than we were a year ago. Attempting to design for encounters will fail unless we take a step back and examine the new ways in which systems are organised. Everything is interconnected, therefore any modification will have an impact on the rest of the system.

Companies that prosper in the post-pandemic era will be those that tackle the wider picture, building interactions that end up meeting customers' demands, both through technology-enabled and analogue solutions. They'll be the ones who look further than the immediate effects of their work to wider, both deliberate and unexpected implications.

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