Virat Kohli Fitness, Diet, and Workout Decoded
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Virat Kohli Fitness, Diet, and Workout Decoded

65 views • Sep 20th, 2020

This Well Maintained Physique of Virat Kohli which he Proudly shares on Instagram was not always like this. When he was in the early stages of his Carrier as an International Cricketer, He never took fitness so seriously.

The Turning Point was a casual discussion with Duncan Fletcher Changed his ViewPoint towards Fitness. If you don’t know Who is Duncan Fletcher?

He is a former coach of the Indian cricket team and he prompted Virat Kohli to take his Fitness Game to a Next Level. An Interview with The Telegraph, Virat openly revealed his conversation with Fletcher. Look What he Said:

Duncan told me once that he feels cricket is the most unprofessional of professional sports.

He further added:

You can have the skill but do not think you need to train as much as a tennis player. But I realized if you want to stay on top playing three formats in this day and age, you need a routine. You need a set pattern of your training, the way you eat, how healthy and fit you need to be. Being fitter made me mentally stronger. It was like a direct connection.

After not performing Well in the Indian Premier League (IPL) Series in 2012, he actually realized the importance of Fitness. Not only Physical Fitness but Mentally also. In the end, he started his fitness journey so seriously.

It changed in 2012. I had great tours to Australia and scored 180 against Bangladesh and went into the IPL thinking: ‘Wow this is going to be a great season for me’.

I wanted to make it my tournament and dominate the bowlers. I really struggled.”

He further added:

My training was horrible, I ate so bad, I was up until late, I was having a drink or two regularly. It was a horrible mindset. The season ended and I was so thankful it was over. I went home, came out of the shower one day, and looked at myself in the mirror, and said ‘you can’t look like this if you want to be a professional cricketer.’ I was 11 or 12kgs heavier than I am now, I was really chubby. I changed everything from the next morning from what I eat to how I train. I was in the gym for an hour-and-a-half every day, working really hard, off gluten, off wheat, no cold drinks, no desserts, nothing. It was tough.

Now he changed his Lifestyle and Starting Training Very Hard. This was something new to this Cricket hustler. He Explained this:

For the first two months, I felt I wanted to eat the bed sheet when I went to sleep because I was so hungry. I was craving taste. I was craving delicious food. But then I saw the results. I felt quick around the field. I would wake up in the morning and feel like I had energy.

Now you all may think that How Fitness and workout Changed and Improved Virat Kohli’s Game. He Said:

From 2015 I changed my training again. I started lifting, snatching, cleaning, and deadlifting. It was unbelievable. I saw the result. I remember running after a ball in a Test series in Sri Lanka and I felt more power in my legs. It was, like, ‘wow’. This training is addictive. It has taken my game to another level.” 

This is amazing. His dedication and Discipline give him results. He is one of the Fittest Cricketer in the World. Also, he is a Captain of the Indian Cricket Team. So as a Captain He also Motivates his team to make them rock hard on the Ground.

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