Volusion Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons)

Volusion Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons)

Volusion Review

In the ecommerce builder market the oldest known player is Volusion. The Volusion was founded in 1999 in Austin, Texas . There are about 250 employees connected with them. There was an impressive sale of about $ 28 billion by the merchants of the Volusion. This sales have put them far ahead in the list of competitors. There are about 30,000 online stores that are connected at present with them. They do not provide you with any free plans. But you have an option of going for Volusion’s ecommerce platform which gives you free service for about 14 days.

This review will centre the Volusion’s online store and will be briefing you about the features and the functionalities provided by them. And at the end you will be realizing whether the it is a right tool for you or not.

Volusion features

Processing payments : there are around 40 credit card processors which is supported by Volusion and can easily fulfil your needs. They also offer a separate payment mode designed by themselves know as Volusion payments. But this mode of payment is only present in US till date. The payments can be done through any medium such as PayPal, cash , wire transfer and even by emails . They do not charge you any transaction fee . That could be a sore thing for users of other competitors.

Point of sales :

Volusion offers you with a platform know as PoS I.e. point of sales system. This system allows you to sell your products in a very traditional manner I.e. selling the products face to face. The Volusion also allows you to connect barcode scanner, receipts printer and even credit card swiped to itself. But you won’t be able to process the orders as easily as the shopify does for instance with a tablet or with a smartphone. You will be requiring a computer for this purpose . You do not get any dedicated POS apps therefore the Volusion backend won’t be possible.

Checkout on your domain :

you can easily redirect the checkout page to your web domain using Volusion. Therefore instead of writing store name.volusion.com/checkout/ you can easily mention mysite.com/store/checkout. By doing this the site looks more professional and trustworthy. This infact helps you in giving more control over analytics tools for tracking conversion.

Managing your inventory :

with the help of Volusion’s unique identifier codes ( SKU ) it becomes very easy to track your products and inventories. It also allows you to create product variants ( material, size, colour, etc. ). Doing this is not that easy you are to create global options , assign them to some specified products. But when you will do it regularly you will become habitual and then you will know that it was not that tough though.

Shipping :

you will get a flexible and solid system over here. For example the shipping of the product could be defined as county or globally. The taxes to the shipping could be added, estimating delivery dates or the charge by weight. The options provided by shipping are flat rate, free shipping, special rate . It connects several carriers to the live rate calculator through which any carrier for example DHL, UPS, FedEx and help in updating the exact price for each purchase.

Taxes :

the Volusion provide you with a tax calculator that helps in adding US taxes rate automatically ( state, country, municipal ) . You can overrule them easily and moreover can change the taxes manually if you belong to somewhere else outside US.

Security feature of Volusion :

the Volusion keeps on checking the updates, monitoring hack attacks for managing their security. The only thing they leave you to is creating a strong password. Even for more security they provide you with the policy of account lockdown. This is helpful when someone logs into your account several time using a wrong password.

The Volusion does not provide you with any two factor authentication. This is provided by shopify which says that when ever you login with the I’d and password along with the password it also gives you a one time password which you need to enter for better security and for confirming your identity.

Data backup and recovery : if there is something wrong happening to your site Volusion gives you the facility of backup. The Volusion only provides you with one free restore later they charge you I.e. the first time you restore your backup they won’t charge you any penny but for later backups you need to pay $ 199.99 per restore as restoration charge.

Volusion customer support system and knowledge base : you need to fully rely on Volusion’s tutorials provided as they aren’t that intuitive tool. The tutorials is well written and offers you with a valuable information. Their support system is quite good and very helpful and supportive. They reply to the emails within a minimum time taken and the replies are very useful. You are also provided with chat and phone support system but there is a drawback as they are only available for the plus plans and the higher. A dedicated account manager is also provided to the users of the premium plans.

Volusion pricing plans

There are basically four Pricing plans of Volusion. Below is a list showing a brief detail about all these pricing plans. Let’s have a look :

• Personal pricing plan : this plan is for those online stores who only sells maximum of 100 products and infact their total sales per year do not cross the limit of $ 50,000. This plan cost you $ 29.

• Professional pricing plan : this plan allows you to sell 5000 products at maximum and total sales per year upto $ 1,00,000 . It also provides you with customer support through phone. This plan cost you $ 79.

• Business pricing plan : this plan is basically for big online businesses who sell around 10,000 products . And needs a priority support. This plan cost you $ 299.

• Prime pricing plan : this plan allows you to sell an unlimited number of products and moreover provides a support of an account manager. The cost of this plan is N/A.

The price for domain is charged separately. It can cost you about $ 11.95 per month. It provides you with 14 days free trial period without any requirement of credit cards.

Volusion pros and cons


• There are a lot of features available : the Volusion list of features is very long. It includes almost all the features which every store owner will be needing and wanting.

• Helpful customer support system: their support system is very fast and helpful. They have built a huge library of tutorials guiding you your way.

• Deal of the day feature : this feature is very helpful in making a increase in the sales of any of products. It helps in creating promotional landing pages and then later adding it to your navigation store.


• It’s not easy to use: the system / interface if Volusion is not that straightforward as the system/ interface of shopify and weebly . You need to always rely upon the support article provided. It’s no where easy to operate.

• No integration for blogging : this is not ideal system for content marketing as it do not provide you with any native blogging system .

Volusion Conclusion

The feature provided by Volusion are so long that they never seems to be ending. There are various built in solution and functionalities provided by Volusion that becomes very useful for the mid sized stores owners . The facilities provided could for example taking orders through smart phones , providing affiliated marketing programs, user review and many more.

Volusion do not provide you with an app store. There it becomes complicated to expand its capabilities once you reach their limits. There is also a backdrop that they do not provide you with the facility of creating regular content page. They even do not provide you with blogging system but gives you the facility of connecting external platforms.

Volusion is an overcomplicated system which could be regarded as its biggest limitations. They have just focused on putting products online that’s it. They do not care about the basic relevant aspects for example keeping things simple and providing content generations. The Volusion should focus on making their platform more user and beginner friendly .

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