Vultr Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons)

Vultr Review (Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons)

Vultr was founded in 2014 by David Aninowsky. The team has also created and worked on Choopla and . They have created an experience of 15 years.
SSD cloud server with high performance is provided by Vultr that helps in boosting up the global footprint. The aim of Vultr is to create efficient and reliable services so that they can launch a fast SSD cloud server. On a control panel the Vultr uses the latest generation Intel CPU for offering 100% SSD. You get an option of choosing about 14 low latency location present across the world. Along with that you are provided with cloud serve that spun up within 60 seconds. The cloud hosting plan of Valtr is the cheapest that is $ 5 per month. Moreover when you sign up to their account they will add $ 5 in your wallet so you can enjoy their cloud hosting platform.

Vultr features

Giving flexible options at minimum price level is what sets Vultr apart. Small scale users such as small businesses and individuals entrepreneurs find these options appealing.
Below is the list of features of Vultr, have a look :

Worldwide network
The Vultr has around 14 locations of the city to its name . That’s a big Boast. This becomes a very large point of sale for the developers as it the one of the largest worldwide network.

Custom control panel
Any cloud server’s key aspect as the control panel. The Vultr’s control panel is built in such a way that it controls the mind of customers . It provides various features with which could be installed in simply one click. This installation helps in saving time of the developers and helps them in concentrating on some other issues that are more important. Features provided by the control panels are : instant server deployment, quick view server health, easy snapshots, intuitive interface. CentOS is the control panel that Vultr supports.

Outstanding speed
You can see a high speed performance since start when you see that it takes just a minute for the initial activation process. And it takes one minute to complete a spin of deployment system.

Dedicated IP addresses
The feature of dedicated IP addresses provided by Vultr can be altered . It provides you with an illusion of some dedicated server while the fantastic reliability is offered by ultra fast Intel cores.

Value for money
In the category of value for money Vultr stand out of competition.

Vultr data centres
There are about 15 data centres of the Vultr across the globe. These data centres are important for basically two reasons which are : the performance and the security .

Worrying about security and perform why ?
Firstly location really matters. As you take long time to reach long distances the data takes a bit too long to reach to recipient which are far from them. Therefore it improves the website’s performance when the data centre is present near the users. This becomes very important if you belong to ecommerce sector.

Secondly if the network is expanded in a particular area in a multiple location it creates a backup to each other, that means if any of the server is down the other data centre present near it will cover up the loss of downtime in the website.

Data centre security precautions
While evaluating security of the data centre you need to consider various points in mind. There is a need to take precautionary measures.

Vultr hosting options
Vultr provides us with three types of hosting options.

Cloud Compute VC2
The first cloud hosting option of Vultr is the cloud compute VC2. The VC2 do not require any long term commitments. This option provides you with the facility of deploying any where among all the 15 locations present across the globe instantaneously. You get a root access as your are the user to your API access, server instance, control panels rich in features, the operating system choice for managing things which relate to the hosting and website. Those who want to start with advance hosting cloud compute is the best option.

Bare Metal Simplified
Vultr’s Bare Metal Simplified is for those people who have resource intensive websites and web applications. You can easily spin up additional resources with the help of automations and deploy in a minute time. You are facilitated with full control of the environment, along with that you are not restricted with any access which are offered by some hardware that are physical and is supporting the website. If you are among those who do not wish that all of their time is wasted on administration system and want to have powerful options for their websites then the Bare Metal Simplified is definitely for you.

Dedicated Instances
Dedicated resources are the alternatives to the Bare Metal Simplified. It provide you with the facility of renting around fractions of dedicated servers.

Block storage
Block storage is a feature offered by Vultr. It a storage solution that are highly available I.e. about 99.999999%. This solution replicated its self to three times to original and helps you in ensuring that your data never get lost. If there is a lot of data to be stored – descriptions, transaction records, product image then the only best option in front of you would be block storage.
Free trial , pricing policies , customer support service
Vultr offers it’s new sign up with a free bonus of $ 5.

User plan
The calculation of Vultr’s pricing plan is done on the hourly basis that is you will pay for only what you use. The monthly limit provided by them is of 28 days that you need not pay a single penny more than 672 hours per month. There are different sections of eight plans that are available. These plans provide you with all the features you are needing. The highest paid plan offers you with the feature of 1 CPU with a extension facility which upto 24 CPUs. It also provide a bandwidth of 2000 GB along with a memory of 1024 MB. The highest price range of Vultr offers you with the bandwidth of 15000 GB along with the memory of 65536 MB. A dedicated server ( VDS ) and storage ( VLS ) is offered by Vultr. It moreover also offers you with a high degree of flexibility.

Customer support
Vultr provide you with great customer care services. They provide you with FAQs and guidelines for the support on their websites which are very helpful. One can contact their customer care services even through the social media, ticketing or emails. They also provide an online community for guidance. This service can be found on .

The pros and cons
• Affordable pricing. They value money a lot.
• Monthly or hourly billing
• Quick account activation
• Cloud infrastructure is sturdy
• SSD storage
• Data centre in four continents
• No phone support and live chats
• Payment date does not entertain flexibility
• They are not a beginner friendly
• Issues encountered by some developers like blocked SMTP.

• Digital Ocean
• Linode
• Rackspace
• Cloudways
Frequently Asked Questions

How does Vultr Bill instances ?
The billing is done on hourly basis which covers 28 days in a month. Additional charges are rounded of in the invoice at last.
Is there a monthly bandwidth cap ?
Yes . Check the details on the control panel of Vultr.
What hardware does Vultr use for their hosting machine ?
They use Intel CPU architecture, this information is provided on their website. You get a storage of 100% solid state drive.

You get a positive and negative both opinions of the people about Vultr. You just need to think accordingly and choose according to your need and wants. As an overall rating Vultr’s rating score is 65%.

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