What cordless drill / driver for the workshop?

What cordless drill / driver for the workshop?

A cordless screwdriver is a device that is used every day in the work of professional renovation and construction teams, and without which it is difficult to imagine everyday DIY. The power tools market offers many models (12 volt cordless drill) that differ in terms of technical parameters and functionality. How to choose the right variant? What kind of screwdriver to buy? Which features of the device should be taken into account? The screwdriver guide was created to help you make decisions in this area.

The screwdriver is perfect for places where there is no access to a power socket, moreover, the battery power supply means that the user is not limited by the length of the electric cord. As the name suggests, this type of device is a convenient and practical alternative to screwdrivers, but not only. A high-class drill-driver will easily replace several tools, especially if the device is equipped with a mechanical hammer. What parameters prove its quality? Which screwdriver to choose?

The power of a drill / driver as the basis

A drill driver with or without a hammer?

Battery capacity in the screwdriver

Working parameters of a drill / driver

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Screwdriver - which one to choose? The power of the device proves its versatility

Cordless screwdrivers can successfully replace a drill in simpler work. Cheap screwdrivers usually cope well with soft materials such as wood, but when confronted with steel or brick, they may turn out to be helpless (although this is not always the case). The suitability of the device for working with hard materials is demonstrated above all by its power. The more powerful the cordless drill, the more widely it can be used . Power is the quotient of voltage and current, so the first parameter will tell the user a lot about the purpose of the tool.

Models with a battery that generates a voltage of approx. 4.6 V are actually only suitable for assembling furniture, the individual elements of which are pre-drilled.

The 10-volt variants are great for occasional tinkering.

The device with a voltage of approx. 12 V is already a fully-fledged drill / driver, which is suitable for more intensive work and can easily handle materials harder than wood.

The best screwdrivers have a voltage of 18 V and more. Many models of this type are equipped with a mechanical impact, making them suitable for drilling in masonry. This proves that cordless screwdrivers are widely used. The guide only covers models with a voltage from 12 V to 20 V.

Screwdriver-drill - which one to choose? With or without a stroke?

The hammer drill driver is perfect for drilling in wood or metal, but this model can do much more. The use of an impact mechanism means that it can also cope with brick and concrete , so in the conditions of use at home, it can easily replace larger, heavier and more expensive tools. An impact drill driver is usually more expensive than its counterpart (with similar parameters) without impact. So is it worth spending more?

It largely depends on individual needs. If such devices are to be the only tool of this type in the home toolbox, spending a slightly higher amount may be a good idea.

The recommended impact models include the Dewalt DCD796 and Parkside PSBSA 20-Li B2.

Screwdriver - which one to buy? A high-capacity battery is important

In the case of drill drivers, an extremely important parameter is the capacity of the battery and the technology in which this element was made . This value, expressed in Ah (Ampere-hours), indicates the amount of time the device has been running on a single charge. The greater the capacity, the longer the cordless drill / driver can be used. Most manufacturers inform about the working time in the technical specification of a given model, but it should be treated as an approximate value, which is influenced by many factors, including the type of material with which the user works.

There are 4 types of batteries used in power tools:

nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd)

nickel metal hydrogen (Ni-MH)

nickel-zinc (Ni-Zn)

lithium-ion (Li-ion)

Ni-Cd models are practically unheard of (with few exceptions), and the next two are used less and less. The most popular and at the same time the best solution are lithium-ion batteries , which are characterized by high rated voltage, low weight, high capacity and no memory effect (they do not require forming, and charging can be interrupted at any time, without fear of loss of capacity).

With very intensive work, even the smallest link may turn out to be insufficient. The loading time is important in this context. In this respect, Parkside PBSA B2 20-Li (0-100% in about an hour) and Makita Bosch GSR 120-Li (0-100% in about 90 minutes) perform very well. Although Metabo BS 18 LI Quick can be charged in approx. 40 minutes, its capacity means that the battery runs out quickly.

Which cordless screwdriver to buy? Pay attention to the operating parameters

Drill drivers are characterized by a different torque . In simple terms, this value, expressed in Nm (Newton meters), gives information about the force the motor exerts on a component, in this case, a bit or drill . Models with two gears are suitable for both driving screws and drilling holes, and the amount of torque determines the efficiency of these processes. Of all the tools included in the ranking, the Dewalt DCD796 (70 Nm) boasts the highest torque .

A good screwdriver should be able to drill large holes. If the user is planning this type of work, he should absolutely pay attention to this parameter. Most manufacturers provide a value for all materials that a given model can work with.

Drill driver - which one to choose? Summary

Cordless drills are usually expensive devices, so it is worth choosing a model that will provide many years of trouble-free operation. The compilation prepared includes the best tools in various price ranges (Parkside PBSA B2 20-Li proves that a good screwdriver can be purchased at a reasonable price).

When deciding on a specific tool, pay attention to each of the parameters discussed. Most buyers are looking for a screwdriver that will last at least a few years, so it is worth taking into account that during this time, needs may change. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a model whose parameters will be sufficient "in advance", according to the rule - to spend it once and for all.

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