What is Bulletproof Coffee and How to Make It?
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What is Bulletproof Coffee and How to Make It?

35 views • Sep 14th, 2020

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

If you’re looking for something more than your average latte, the ‘bulletproof coffee’ it is!

It’s a super-power energy drink that can instantly have a significant impact on your energy level and cognitive function. Bulletproof coffee has been the favorite high-performance drink for successful entrepreneurs, sports professionals, and even busy parents to keep up with their demanding schedules.

If you rely on your oatmeal, granola bars, cereals, fruit, toasts, or any other carb-rich meal to begin your day, it instantly spikes your blood sugar level. While it offers you quick energy, the blood sugar level tends to crash by mid-morning and eventually leaves you feeling tired, hungry, and unfocused.

On the other hand, if you add the homemade bulletproof coffee to your breakfast instead, there are three instant benefits you can gain:

  • You feel satiated for longer. Its ingredients bring a balance to your hunger hormones (CCK and ghrelin). This keeps you full until it’s time for lunch.
  • You feel energetic. The saturated fat present in the butter slows down the process of caffeine absorption. Instead of having a quick caffeine spike and crash, you tend to enjoy long-lasting energy.
  • You experience improved mental clarity. The coffee actively converts into ketones. It’s a molecule used by our brain better than sugar or carbs. Pair ketones with the slow absorption of caffeine and you can actually feel more focused and active.
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