What is Keyword Research Meaning In Hindi l Keyword Planner?

What is Keyword Research Meaning In Hindi l Keyword Planner?

Keyword Research Meaning In Hindi
A good keyword is required to rank a blog article. And for a good keyword, it is necessary to do keyword research, that is, a best keyword has to be searched, which consumes a lot of time. But its result comes out very good.

That's why a Content Creator must do Keyword Research. But it is also important to know, after all, Keyword Research Hota Kya Hai? And this Keyword Research Kaise Karte Hein? Also, which Keyword Planner is needed to work in this? Let us understand in detail.

If you do Youtube, Blogging, Advertising or Content Marketing related work. So you must know what is the importance of keywords? How important are these? And how important are they for Search Engines? Because only with the help of Search Engine Keywords, we can understand what kind of content is in this article. That is, we can find out every information only with the help of keywords. Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide the right keywords to Search Engines.

Unless we choose a good keyword in our articles and videos. Till then our Articles and Videos will not show in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Because (SERP) only shows the same content. In which the keyword to be searched has been entered. But the keyword to be searched can be in hundreds of articles. Then how will our article show on the first page? So the answer is, do keyword research well and optimize the content. Come, let's know Keyword Research.

Keywords Kya Hot Hein?
Actually Keyword is made up of word Key and Word. In which Key means key and Word means word. In other words, words or syllables that act as keys are keywords. That is, the work that the key does for the lock, the keywords do the same work for the content. In other words, keywords are words or syllables that help organize digital content and make search results easier.

Overall the words or syllables that are searched on Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. They are called keywords. For example, like if you went to Google (Adsense Meaning In Hindi) and searched. So ( Adsense Meaning In Hindi ) is a keyword.

Types Of Keywords
There are mainly 2 types of keywords. What is the difference between Short Tail Keywords and Long Tail Keywords? Let's understand.

Short Tail Keywords
Short keywords with 1 to 3 words are called Short Tail Keywords. For example, such as Off Page SEO, On Page SEO, Youtube Video SEO etc. The ranking of Short Tail Keywords is very high. Because people search for them the most. Therefore it is a little easier to rank with their help. But their competition is very high.

Long Tail Keywords
Long keywords with 4 or more words are called Long Tail Keywords. For example, such as Blogging Meaning In Hindi, Affiliate Marketing Meaning In Hindi, Keyword Research Kaise Karen etc. Long Tail Keywords give detailed information about a target keyword. Although people do not search for them much. But due to less competition, they are mostly used.

LSI Keywords
Words matching a word are called LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. That is, the words that match the Focus Keyphrase are called Lsi Keywords. LSI Keywords are very important for Search Engines. Because with their help, Search Engines get detailed and accurate information about the topic. Let us know through an example.

Understand that you wrote a blog article on (Marketing) Topic and also used Marketing Keyword in the alt-text of the article's Title, Content, Meta Description and Image. But when Google will crawl your article, it will crawl the main keywords as well as LSI keywords.

That is, marketing will also find matching words. For example, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Amazon Affiliate Marketing Meaning In Hindi, Sales, Trading etc. If your article will contain these keywords, then Google will be sure that your article is about marketing.

Keyword Research Hota Kya Hai?
Keyword Research Meaning, Finding Best and Good Keywords. In other words, searching the Most Relevant and High Ranking Keywords according to the content. In easy language which can be understood by the people, what to write on which topic? And which keywords to use in it? This is what is called Keyword Research. Actually, through Keyword Research, we find out the best and best keywords. So that the content can be easily ranked in Google.

However, keyword research is not a difficult task. There are many Keyword Research Tools available for this. But when you search your topic through these tools. So they give you thousands of keywords by generating them. That is, you do not understand, which keyword to keep, and which keyword to leave? Because all keywords look the same. Therefore it becomes necessary to find out the ranking, popularity and competition of keywords.Read More

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