What Is Off-Page SEO
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What Is Off-Page SEO

35 views • Sep 06th, 2020

Off-page SEO basically means offsite SEO of a blog or website. Off-page SEO consists of a lot of action which you take outside your website. There are various factors that affect the perception of the search engine. On the basis of various criteria, a search engine decides which website or blog to rank in search results. Off-page SEO is not just about links. It is much more than that. Off-page SEO involves creating high-quality backlinks, creating brand awareness, brand mentions, social signals and more.

Google ranks a web page on 200 factors alone. You can not work upon all the 200 factors but yes, you can do whatever is under your control. The things that matters the most are effectiveness, relevance, and authority. The more these things improve for your blog and its page, more will be the chances of ranking in Google search results. Let us now understand what all actions you can take for the Off-page SEO of your blog or website.

How To Do  Off-Page SEO Of Your Blog/Website

1. Making Backlinks

Backlinks are the links that point towards your blog or website. Backlinks are one of the main factors for ranking. Just imagine, you are ill, you will got to a doctor right. Let us say that you share you are not getting well even after many tests and medicines. You share your problem with your neighbor and he/she refers you to a doctor. You got to that doctor for your treatment and yippee, you are fine after treatment. Search engines also work on the same principle. The sites which are referred by more sites will have higher weightage and Google would love to rank them higher in the search results. Google’s main aim is provide value to the readers. So, it will showcase a content which gives the most relevant information about the query asked.

Now, Links Can Be Divided Into 3 Types:

1. Natural Links:

These are the links which does not involve any manual action from your side. These are given by other site admins because they loved their content. For example if someone writes about mobile accessories and you are into a business of mobile accessories. They have bought products from you and they loved it. So, they added your link without being asked. So, that’s a natural link and will always have higher value as compared to other types of links.

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