What Is Oral Rehydration Therapy? Does It Work?
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What Is Oral Rehydration Therapy? Does It Work?

41 views • Sep 27th, 2020

Oral rehydration therapy (ORT) is a common solution to dehydration caused by diarrhea. It’s often used to correct the condition and help normalize your body’s fluid content. Although ORT is a common solution, the therapy process remains a mystery to some people. For educational purposes, this post takes a look at what oral rehydration therapy is, how it’s administered, and how it works? What Is Oral Rehydration Therapy?

Oral Rehydration therapy involves providing the body with fluids orally to prevent or treat dehydration. It’s usually used to treat dehydration that occurs as a result of diarrhea, although it can also be used to treat other forms of dehydration. ORT involves mixing salt, sugar, and water to form a solution that treats dehydration in both children and adults. The therapy increases the fluid content of the body and helps keep the body hydrated. Dehydration mostly occurs because of the low level of water in the body’s system. Some of the causes include extreme seasonal heat, such as the summer season, and stomach infections, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea, leading to dehydration. Furthermore, dehydration can increase allergy symptoms, making it more difficult for the body to fight against allergic reactions, especially during the high temperature of summer.

To keep your body properly hydrated, you may need to constantly engage in oral rehydration therapy. Since dehydration can occur in both infants and adults, you must put into consideration the quantity ratio of glucose and salts used in this liquid oral dehydration therapy. The right glucose-salt quantity ratio should be 1:1 or six teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of salt mixed to dissolve in a 1 liter of clean water. When preparing ORT, carefully observe this preparation process.

Also, a proper hygienic attitude is necessary to avoid any further health complications. Get clean water–1liter is best for a child and 2 liters for an adult. Make your glucose and salt available in the proper quantity as prescribed above. Carefully add your glucose and salt into the water, then stir until the soluble dissolves. Drink it at set time intervals to achieve an effective intravenous result.

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