What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)? This article will explain What is RAM? We all know that the most common cause of computer and mobile device hang is a lack of RAM. That is, a device’s RAM (Random Access Memory) should have more space for better performance.

When you go to buy a phone or a computer, you always inquire how many GB it has. Some people believe that if the phone has more RAM, it would not hang or slow down. In this article, you will learn more about it.

In today’s industry, there is a demand for mobile phones with greater RAM. But do you know What is RAM? Types OF RAM.  Usually RAM is a part of computer memory.

As we all know, any computer device has two types of memory,  Primary memory and Secondary Memory. The primary storage is RAM in this case. While a hard drive is a secondary memory, let us now discuss RAM in further depth.

Note : 

It has a storage capacity of multiple gigabytes (GB). Its data storage capacity ranges from 1GB to 8GB and beyond.

What is RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is also called Main Memory or Primary Memory. The data and instructions of the tasks currently being performed by the CPU are stored in RAM. It is part of the CPU. As a result, its information can be accessed directly.

Data and instructions are stored in cells in this computer memory. Each cell is made up of a number of rows and columns, each with its own address. Cell Path is another name for this unique address.

This is a temporary storage i.e. When a device is shut off, the data it contains is automatically erased. After that data cannot be brought back. That is why RAM is also called volatile memory. A semiconductor and a flip-flop combine to form this memory.

“ For example, when we run many apps on our device simultaneously, our device slows down due to an increase in RAM load. “

Types of RAM?

There are Two types of RAM :- 

  1. SRAM
  2. DRAM

#1) SRAM :

SRAM stands for Static Random Access Memory. It is also called Cache Memory. This RAM is also Volatile Memory. That’s why the data is present in it till the power is on. All data gets deleted automatically when power off.

There is no need to refer to it again and again because the information is consistent. SRAM requires a greater number of chips than DRAM. To keep data of the same size together. As a result, SRAM is more expensive to produce than DRAM, hence it is utilized in conjunction with cache memory, which is the fastest.

Characteristics of SRAM(Static Random Access Memory):

  • There is no need to refresh it again and again.
  • SRAM is much faster than DRAM.
  • Its size is large.
  • It is used for cache memory.
  • SRAM(Static Random Access Memory) needs more power.

#2) DRAM :

DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory. In comparison to SRAM, its data reading speed is a bit low, due to which it has to be refreshed again and again. It refreshes thousand times per second and DRAM is of much lower price than SRAM. This RAM is used in most of the devices.

Characteristics of DRAM(Static Random Access Memory):

  • DRAM is very slow
  • It Size is low 
  • It needs less power
  • DRAM is also used for cache memory.

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So now you know What is RAM? Type of RAM, by reading this post, you’ve gained some knowledge regarding random access memory. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions about this by leaving a comment below. If you found the information about RAM to be useful, please share it on your social media.

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