What is SSD in Laptop and How does it work?

What is SSD in Laptop and How does it work?

What is SSD in Laptop and How does it work? In the previous article, we discussed the HDD (Hard Disk Drive), which is a computer storage device where all of the computer’s data is stored. SSD (Solid State Drive) is also a storage device, which we will discuss in today’s article.

But do you know what is SSDwhat are the types of SSDhow does SSD workwhat are the functions of SSD, what are the differences between an SSD and HDD and what are the advantages and disadvantages of an SSD. In this article I will tell you all about the SSD. 

What is SSD in laptop?

SSD stands for Solid State Device, it is a storage device installed in our computer that stores data in the computer. In the same way, Hard Disks Drive store data in our computer. SSD is also a new version of Hard Disk.

Solid State Drive(“SSD”) is a type of storage device. It is used to store digital data. It is also called a secondary storage device. It works like a hard drive, that is to keep a large amount of digital information safe. The construction of a SSD is much simpler than that of an HDD. 

SSD are more expensive than other hard drives because their quality, performance, and features are far better, compared to those of other drives. A special type of memory called Flash Memory (“NAND Chip”) has been used to store data. For this reason the SSD works faster and more efficiently than a normal HDD. Apart from that SSD uses less power than hard disk.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD

You must have understood that a SSD(“Solid State Drive”) provides much better performance than a HDD(“Hard Disk Drive”). So let’s know, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a SSD instead of a hard disk in a computer:

#1) Speed

Because SSDs don’t have any Mechanical Elements, they can access data quickly, which means they can keep sharing data with the computer at a high rate. A Solid-State Drive (SSD) has many times the speed of a hard drive. If your computer has a solid state drive, your task will be completed quickly

#2) Storage 

In terms of storage, it is no less than HDD. (“SSD 128GB, 256GB, 1TB, 2TB”) are easily available in the market.

#3) Power Consumptions 

Due to the absence of any Mechanical parts, it consumes very less power.

#4) Durability 

There are no moving parts in the SSD, because of this, the SSD is safer than the HDD. There is a high risk of HD damage due to the laptop falling. The chances of data loss in SSD are very less. If we talk about life, then this SSD is also better. 

#5) Price 

If i am talking about SSD price. It is much more expensive than HDD. A 512GB SSD costs around Rs.5000 and a 1TB hard disk costs just Rs.2500.

#6) Noice

It is a non-mechanical storage device so a Solid State Drive(SSD) never makes any noise like a hard drive does. Only the memory chip has been used in the SSD so it works without any noise.

Types of SSD

There are many types of SSD which are divided according to their connectivity and speed which is something like this.

  1. M.2 SSD(“Solid State Drive”)
  2. SSHD SSD(“Solid State Drive”)
  3. SATA SSD(“Solid State Drive”)
  4. MTS-SSD(“Solid State Drive”)

#1) SATA SSD(“Solid State Drive”)

It is Oldest type of SSD, similar to Hard Disk Drive. The speed of SATA SSD is 570 MB per second. This SSD can be up to 5 times faster than the hard disk drive. 

#2) M.2 SSD(“Solid State Drive”)

It is an updated version of M-SATA SSD Disk, Which is faster than SATA SSD. M.2 SSD Disk Is Like a PCI-E Express Port. Using the M.2 connector allows the SSD to reach its higher read and write limits. The speed of the SSD can be boosted by using the M2 Connector.

#3) MTS-SSD(“Solid State Drive”)

MTS-SSD Disks differ from standard SATA SSDs. It’s really compact and doesn’t look anything like a regular SSD. It can be seen in the form of a standard RAM stick and connectivity. It cannot be used in every PC, it is very important to have your PC SATA port to use it.

#4) SSHD SSD(“Solid State Drive”)

SSHD cannot be called a complete SSD.  It is made up of both Solid State Drive and Hard Disk.

Full Form Of SSD


How Does SSD Work

In a Hard Disk Drive(HDD), there is a magnetic disk that allows data to be stored, transferred, and accessed, but this does not happen in an SSD because there is no moving part. To store data, SSDs use a tiny semiconductor chip. Because semiconductors can communicate more effectively than Magnate.

History of SSD

The first Solid State Drive was made by Sandisk Corporation in 1991. The storage capacity of this SSD was 20 MB but it was not a Flash SSD. After this, in 1995, the first Flash SSD was manufactured by M-System. In today’s time, there are many Advance SSDs available in the market, whose storage capacity is up to 30 TB.


In this article I am telling you what is SSD in laptop and how it works. Hope you like it. If you like this information, then definitely share this information. If you want to get similar information, then definitely connect GEEKYKRSNA where you are given almost every type of new information through the internet.

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