What makes electrostatic headphones different from other headphones?
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What makes electrostatic headphones different from other headphones?

16 views • Sep 14th, 2020

Electrostatic headphones different from other headphones let see:

Whoever said that hearing is indeed believing never made a mistake, anyone who loves clear sound will tell you that clarity and detail matter the most. Believe me, when I say you get a new surprise each time you use Headphones with Electrostatic Feature. Here is why they are different.

The headphones follow a completely different pathway in comparison to traditional listening devices. First of all, is the thin membrane present between different electrified plates in the headphone absent in the classical systems? Second, is the electrostatic field that holds the membrane in place? Through the field, the diaphragm moves silently while creating sound waves.

That is why many identify the headphones using their experiences. Many indicate that they have extremely low distortion levels. Also, their clarity levels are quite high, and the details are quite impressive. The features that the headphones present are amazing!

However, believing has to be with available or visible evidence. Here are some of the advantages that also present the differences between traditional and electrostatic headphones.

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