Why Organic Food Is Better For The Humans And Planet?

Why Organic Food Is Better For The Humans And Planet?

Reason Why Organic Food Is Better For The Humans And Planet?

When we choose organic vegetables and fruits at the grocery store, it can be a complicated task. Everything seems to be similar. The majority of products are affiliated to some cost. By consuming organics, a person can live a healthier and happy life. Organic Food Is Better

Some of the reasons are :

GMO Is strictly prohibited in organic farming.

In organic farming, the certificate ensures that there are no chemicals used, but also there are no GMO’s. GMO’s are used with another harmful chemicals like Roundup or Agent orange. Therefore opting for organic fruits and vegetables as an option is taking a step towards fighting against the use of chemical manufacture which cause severe harm to the food and field. Organic Food Is Better


When we get organic fruits and vegetables, we appreciate it’s taste. The main cause for the taste of this organic

fruits and vegetables is soil. In organic farming there is no toxic is added to the soil. Whereas in inorganic farming chemicals are sprayed to the crop which kills all the essentials of the crop expect of the crop. In organic farming vermicomposting process are used , in which the Eisenia fetida earthworm are used which makes the soil fertile ground for farming. In many parts of the world dthis process are used , but in IIndia DELHI NCR, Faridabad it is mainly practiced. Organic Food Is Better


In farming, various kinds of chemicals are used to keep insects away from the crops, in return the chemicals damage the crop quality. Sometimes the chemicals became ineffective to the insects which cause birth of a new strain, which became toxic to the insects. Eventually, the use of chemicals will be no longer in use. Therefore it is saying that we should go for natural methods without even thinking once. Organic Food Is Better

Supports pollinating methods :

In organic farming, everything which is used is natural. In this process, everything is conserved which is given by nature. If we use chemicals it will kill the insects without differentiating which help the crops and which are harming the crops. In this way, inorganic farming destroying the biodiversity which includes both the major and minor animals. Organic farming ssupports the method of pollinating because it is the best method of production of crops in natural methods. Organic Food Is Better

Enhances the farm lifestyle and community:

When we grow through the organic method, it doesn’t affect the environment whereas in inorganic farming it is just vice versa. Organic manure doesn’t include chemicals that do not harm the soil quality, water quality. Even though the farmers are also on the safe side. They don’t have to use chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides which affect their health. Organic Food Is Better


Organic food is rich in nutrients because of the soil. If the soil is healthy, then there is no need for fertilizers. In inorganic farming, the crops get their nutrients from fossil fuels because they are converted into synthetic fertilizers. In this way, the material which is not getting decomposing, they used up as synthetic fertilizers for crops, and then the products are being sold to the market, and consumers buy it without thinking once. Organic Food Is Better


In organic farms, single crops are not produced. There are many changes due to some reason the crops can be mopped out. For that, in inorganic farming the farmers used synthetic fertilizers to kill the harmful organisms which affects the crops itself. This is the reason for which the consumers should intake the inorganic food because they contain harmful chemicals.

Taste better than inorganic :

When the crop are treated with chemicals it’s snatches it taste and smell. So the plant has find it’s nutrients in the depth of soil .The aroma of actual vegetable and fruits has gone in inorganic farming. Because of the use of the natural manure in organic farming , the taste remain same. Organic Food Is Better

Chemicals are not found in the ocean

One of the reasons for organic farming is the less use of fertilizers and pesticides because their effects are seen in the ocean. Marine animals are becoming extinct because of the excessive use of chemicals. In some regions, marine animals are found dead in the seashore. When it’s checked the quality of water is extremely polluted. Organic Food Is Better


Organic farming isn’t an easy job. The work time is longer than anyone can think. The results will get you after so much hard work. If everyone will start using organic products then it will cost less and will be effective for health and environment. Whereas the tax payment of organic products are not that much higher . But in inorganic product the farmers pay huge amount. Organic Food Is Better

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