Why organic food is expensive?

Why organic food is expensive?

Reason for why organic is precious:

Organic is certified by the government

Farmers get certified the farm by the government which requires a high fee for registration and certification. For some farmers, the payment is quite high for registration. Not only farm registration is required but also many other factors are there which required certificates like

  • Farmer’s education
  • Certificate renewable
  • Soil fertility
  • Birth of organic seeds
  • Suitable land for irrigation.

If there are more crops the farmer will have to pay extra for that crop. If it is more than 1 crop then the tax will be doubled. Most of the farmers face problems here.

Production cost will be higher:

The cost is higher because greater input is required. In organic farming there is an artificial method is not used, any chemicals are bit seen in organic farming. Soil fertility is good because of the vermicomposting process and this process is time taking . The organism which is used in vermicomposting is the earthworms like ESENIA FETIDA. The use of organic fertilizer like manure, home waste, or kitchen waste is used as fertilizer.  All this process is time taking, so the production will be high.

 Transportation fees will be increased:

When the crop is harvested, whether it is in small quantity or large quantity, the transportation fees will be higher because chemicals are not used in organic farming for preservation, and organic fruits and vegetables can be spoiled. This time taking procedure cost high.

 Knowledge about organic farming:

To start an organic farm the farmer or the owner should have the proper understanding and information. The rules for organic farming keeps on changing day by day. Following these procedures cost very high. There are different rules and regulations are there in the farming procedure for which the knowledge in that field is required.

Amount of demand and supply:

 When consumers buy more and more products, the price will fall accordingly. The main problem with this field is supply and demand. Organic food popularity is increasing day by day. It is on-demand as similar to cheap synthetic or chemical products. People becoming more frequent with organic fruits and vegetables. Organic farm in Delhi NCR and Faridabad provides organic vegetables throughout the city. More the people will get interested in organic products, the more the supply will be, and the price will decrease.

Marketing and distribution:

As organic products don’t have that many of its customers. Its marketing process costs very much high. People who can afford synthetic products as they don’t know what the side effect they have to face. As organic products don’t stiff it’s root in the soil of the market, the distribution process is difficult to provide, in return, the distributors charge a very high. Indirectly affecting the cost of the product.

Other activities that affect the price:

The essential criteria are that there should be a piece of land that should be certified by different organizations and governments for the cultivation of organic food. They need special permission for this act. The land which gets certified is much costlier than the normal land because of its quality an organic land should possess like it’s soil quality, it’s groundwater.

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