WordPress to PDF Converter: A Short Guide

WordPress to PDF Converter: A Short Guide

Do you have a WordPress site or planning to build one soon? Well, that’s great!

43% of the web is built on WordPress. In fact, newbie bloggers to Fortune 500 companies use WordPress to build websites. WordPress is easy to use and has thousands of themes, and plugins inbuilt.

On top of that, WordPress is SEO friendly, requires zero coding knowledge and allows you to build a website very seamlessly. Yea, there’s so much to talk about WordPress!

Now, speaking about PDF, I am sure you might be using this file format for sharing documents, images and so on. PDF makes it easy to put down all the text files in one place and can be shared on different platforms. The main important benefit it offers is, saves you a lot of time.

Have you ever thought of converting your WordPress blog posts into PDFs? It sounds like a fantastic idea!

You can export the WordPress site to PDF. This is beneficial as you can read the blog posts or say product descriptions offline. So yes, without any further ado, let’s get started and know the rest about WordPress to PDF converter in the blog.

Great! Using WordPress PDF Generator Plugin

You can use the WordPress PDF generator plugin for converting your WordPress posts to PDf. Let’s head on and get to know about the PDF generator plugin.

All About the PDF Generator Plugin

The “PDF Generator for WP” is a plugin that lets the WP site owner easily convert all the product pages, blog pages and images into PDFs. So, how about going with the PDF generator plugin, well it saves you time and comes with great features. Users can download pdf from WordPress site or even view them in a new tab.

This plugin also lets you strengthen your brand identity as you can add your company’s logo or watermark on the PDF. Visitors will easily remember your brand and will definitely get back to you in the coming time.

Plus, with these plugins, the admin can also change the settings and help the guest users to send the PDF files directly to their emails.

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Most Common Benefits of WordPress to PDF Converter Plugin

Give a read to the most common benefits of WordPress to PDF converter plugin, that is PDF Generator for WP.

OS Compatibility

One of the great benefits of using a WordPress PDF generator plugin is that it works well with all the commonly used and leading operating systems. No matter if your visitors are using Linux, Windows, Android, or MAC OS, there is nothing to worry about. They can easily read the document seamlessly.

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Consistency with the Format

You don’t have to worry about the inconsistency in the format of the PDF file. As a good WP PDF generator plugin supports all the extensions and plugins. So, your PDF will look great without any formatting issues.

Easy to Use File Format

Needless to say, businesses around the world use PDF (portable document format) for storing and sharing information across different channels. The WP PDF generator will convert all the blogs, pages, posts and more into PDF files.

Free to Customize the Header & Footer

The PDF generator plugin has an option of adding the header and footer for your PDF. Whether you have a blog page or a product page, you can add a custom header and footer according to your requirements.

Complete Access to the Logs

The plugins give you full access to the logs, and thus admin is free to view the user details like the user name, email addresses and so on.

Bulk Export

You can export PDF files for pages, products and posts in bulk with the default template offered in the WordPress PDF generator plugin. So, you don’t need to keep downloading each post/page one by one, rather you can download it all at once.

Fully Compatible with Other Plugins

Adding a plugin that is compatible with most of the other plugins is great! PDF generator for WP is one such plugin that is compatible with all the other page builder plugins and custom posts.

Steps to Export WordPress Posts to PDF:

You can export WordPress blog posts to PDF format. Check out the steps to convert WordPress blog posts to PDF. All you need to do is, install the PDF Generator for WP plugin on your site, and you’re all set.

The first step is go to the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins section and simply click on Add New.

Now in the search field add, “PDF Generator for WordPress” and then click on Search Plugins.

Once you find the plugin in the WP dashboard, you can check out all the details about it like the ratings, descriptions and more.

And now, most importantly, you can install the plugin by simply clicking on “Install Now.”

Yes, now you’re ready to convert all your WP blog posts into PDFs and share them easily across various channels. You can even save on your computer and read them later.

Key Takeaways from WordPress to PDF Converter

After reading this WordPress to PDF converter guide, I hope you have been cleared with how to convert your WordPress blog posts, and images to PDF. Certainly, WordPress is one of the popular Content Management systems (CMS) used to build websites. Besides, PDF is the most commonly used file format for sharing posts. It also helps in creating awareness of your brand, as you can share the posts on different platforms easily.

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