Working in Canada on a visitor visa

Working in Canada on a visitor visa

Like most countries, Canada also has a rule
stating that visitors should not work in the country without work permits.
Hence, most people cannot work in Canada while on a visitor visa for their
vacation or visiting family.

There are some programs which give
opportunities for the visitors to apply for a work permit while they are still
holding visitors’ visa.

How to obtain a work permit by being a
Canadian visitor? 

If you are under Canada on a visiting visa
and applying for a work permit, in most situations, the work permit is denied.
There are a specific set of conditions under which you can work while you are
still on the visitor’s visa, while it is very easy to apply if you are outside
the country and have the right skills.

You can apply and get a permit to work
under the following circumstances as dictated by the IRCC (Immigration,
Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

  • If your spouse or parent holds a valid
    study or work permit
  • If you want to change your work permit
    from one type to another
  • If you have a temporary resident permit
    whose validity is longer than 6 months
  • If you are a permanent resident
    applicant, you can apply for a work permit if your processing is being done
    while still in Canada.

You need to pay the concerned fees and
search for the offices which you need to apply in. There will be specific
situations in which you will need to submit this application to an Embassy in
your homeland, even if you can apply while you are in Canada.

You can consider visiting Canada on a
work-based program

Canada welcomes tourists so that it can
economically benefit from the money of the tourists.

The country also issues visas to improve
its economy through labor and investment programs. Through these programs,
Canada addresses its labor needs.

There is a considerable chance that your
employer will ask you to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) while
applying for a temporary work permit. This will allow the employer to hire you
under the work permit.

Work permits are given to temporary
residents so that Canadian citizens' jobs and permanent residents are
safeguarded. At the same time, the vacancies in the labor market can be filled.

If your spouse or common-law partner is a
temporary worker and you are applying because of them, they need to show that
they have a job of their own. You will then need to show that your permit is
valid for more than 6 months. You also need to show that our job comes under
skill level 0 or A or B in the National Occupational Classification.

Some provincial programs may come to your
aid while applying for a work permit, depending upon the area you choose to
live in Canada. Some provinces invite investors and workers under business
impact programs on labor impact categories.

Types of a visitor visa to Canada

The visitor visa's main purpose is to allow
people to come to the country for vacation or to meet family and friends.

The duration of your visit depends upon the
purpose of your arrival to the country.

You can apply for a single-entry visa or
multiple-entry visa while applying for a Canadian visitor visa. Under the
multiple entry visa, you can come to Canada multiple times in 10 years. On each
arrival, you can stay up to 6 months in the country. Under the single-entry
visa, you can come to Canada only once, and if you return to your homeland, you
have to reapply to a visitor visa if you want to come again.

By using these visas, you can come to
Canada and, in exceptional situations, can apply for a work permit while you
are still in Canada, on a visitor visa.

What are the necessary documents required to apply for a Canada
Visit/Tourist Visa?

  • A completely Signed and filled Canada visa application form.
  • A Passport with Validity
  • Two recent passport size photographs, sized 35mm x 45mm (with white
  • Original covering letter from the applicant on company letterhead with
    their name, purpose, designation, and duration of the visit.
  • Proof of employment like Appointment Letter or Salary Slip.
  • The letter must be signed by an authorized personnel and must include
    the company stamp to be valid.
  • A Valid Bank statement showing transactions of the past 6 months, traveller’s
    check, fixed deposits, with copies of the applicant’s credit card, property
    paper, and Occupational Viability.
  • Birth Certificate

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