Food Samaritan

Food Samaritan

A blog inspired by family history,personal experiments,daily experiences and a motivation to learn and teach!

Food Samaritan

The Food Samaritan is an eggitarian blog which is founded as a paying tribute to the posthumous ladies of my family - my grandmothers as well as great grandmothers who were par excellent cooks under whose tutelage I grew up appreciating food as it is - the sight,touch,taste,fragrance,texture,consistency and apart from that the in depth beauty of various types of cooking as in frying,pressure cooking,roasting,grilling,boiling,steaming which lends its own unique taste making food taste ethereal!

This blog is exclusively for people who love food,and feeding people!There is no great pleasure to see people enjoying what you cooked,blessing you deep inside and feeling happy of having had a great experience!I hope the blog will be able to do justice to my ancestors and their hours of hard work over wood and coal fires as well as LPG Gas Stoves.

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