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The Glistening Lane

“The Glistening Lane" is a self-started initiative which began in June 2015. The market is bombarded with millions of products out there yet only few whom you can trust with your eyes closed; especially that which comes in direct contact with your skin surface. Therefore, we cater to you our honest product reviews so that you don’t end up spending a lot of bucks on dud products. Though, we are open to collaborations with brands, we make sure to never be biased. We work majorly upon product, websites and subscription boxes reviews, along with tips & tricks to enhance your convenience amidst daily lifestyle.

Also, we started with the goal to debunk the myth that only ‘pricey’ products are good and those within budget are carved with bad ingredient list. This is why; we usually incorporate affordable product reviews. Lastly, any new launches are introduced to the readers within our posts.


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