Drishti Patel

India is the most beautiful place to visit. It has an amazing history, culture, and heritage that attract tourists from all over the world. It’s the best place to visit because it is a combination of art, culture, and heritage. There are many tourist places in India. These are historical places like forts, palaces, and also natural places like lakes and gardens.
It was ruled by various rulers. They spent a lot of money on their luxury lifestyle. The architecture of palaces that they built is indeed attractive.
India the colorful and vibrant land is as diverse as its people. The mosaic of art and culture, the potpourri of tradition, India stands as one of the oldest living civilization which has offered to the rest of the world the elemental sound Aum, The concept of zero and the richness of yoga. A treasure of art and culture, India is just not a land but the storehouse of beauty, dream, tradition and verve.


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