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Saint Monk | Saint Monk - Underneath Expressions. Beyond Thoughts

Penning down our thoughts and views are of utmost importance. It’s more important than the pictures we click of our events in life. Like photographs help store visual memory, writing down thoughts help us store experiences, thoughts and feelings. Yes, I know it and I have experienced it since I used to write a diary and I still read my older writings and smile (or cry sometimes).

Writing is the tool to everything. From history to records and from vomiting your anger on paper instead of on someone.

I have started my blog for everyone to view, mainly because; I like to write my thoughts down and I want to make the world aware of my thoughts, bring social awareness and to make the world know what I know and share my knowledge and experiences.

This Blog is;

Personal because it’s mainly focused on my writings and thoughts.

Social because it also aims to bring social awareness.

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