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Gehnakundra | a discovery beyond words

Shakespeare has aptly said,” All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players, They have their exits and entrances.”

Quite true it is though! Life has different meanings for all individuals. It is something different for a toddler; a different meaning for a child. Life has a different meaning for a teenager, handling the pressures of changes in his body and fighting with the cut throat competition for his career.

Life has a different meaning for a married woman who leaves her parents and settles in an entirely different scenario. Last but not the least , it has an entirely different meaning for an old man waiting for his end. Through this blog of mine, I want to communicate to the readers what all life has gifted us and we are inconsiderate to the same. We keep on cribbing on what we do not have, what we could not achieve rather than relishing on the things we have with us. It is I, and only I who has to write my journey between birth and death.

I might have gone through several bad phases in my life, I might have seen everything fall apart, I might have seen everyone leaving me in my bad times . But its I , who has to fight through all. After all life is a battle to be fought single handed.

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