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When we talk about a product/restaurant/event/service we just don’t expel some rosy jargon and let you decipher the rest. We invite you to be a part of our virtual experience and savor it with us. Thus this blog goes much beyond just words, the videos & the infographics you see.

It speaks about places without putting it all in words, about the food without decoding its fine ingredients & fashion without following any rules; I love capturing the aura & feel of the place all naked & catch the drama candid.

Doesn’t that feel natural and at home?

And I brag when I say I am no genius in a particular forte.

I love penning down random stuff on the blog that I am sure you’ll enjoy reading. And yes, we love unique, out-of-the-box thoughts !

For brands – special coverage, brand collaboration, product reviews, event coverage, customized/curated content, Social media campaigns and other customized plans!

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