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Masalamojo was originated as a hobby which has now become something I aspire and yearn for. I love presenting my twist to the regular vegetarian dishes. I love Indian, Italian, Mexican, Lebanese cuisines. Think you get the drift. Most of my recipes are quick meals which can be easily made by working professionals.

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Uttapam Canapés – Masala Mojo
Uttapam Canapés – Masala Mojo
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i am big fan of fusion recipes and absolutely love creating new and innovative recipes from our basi...

Khara Pongal (Venn Pongal) – Masala Mojo
Khara Pongal (Venn Pongal) – Masala Mojo
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pongal is also the name of a popular dish from tamil nadu and also a multi-day festival which starts...

Garhwali Kulthi ka Soup (Horse gram Lentil Soup) – Masala Mojo
Garhwali Kulthi ka Soup (Horse gram Lent...
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winters are all about healthy soups and eating tonnes of fresh veggies. all my recipes become veggie...

Winter Special Kadhi – Masala Mojo
Winter Special Kadhi – Masala Mojo
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some recipes have a lot of variations and are super versatile. like pasta from italy and sandwiches...

Jackfruit-Quinoa Cutlets (Kathal ke cutlet) – Masala Mojo
Jackfruit-Quinoa Cutlets (Kathal ke cutl...
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it’s good to keep trying new things in life, isn’t it? i love experimenting with my food and making...

Rava Dosa (Semolina Crepes) – Masala Mojo
Rava Dosa (Semolina Crepes) – Masala Moj...
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it gives you immense pleasure to try something new, isn’t it. and especially when the experiment goe...

Dahi Baingan (Brinjal in Yogurt Gravy) – Masala Mojo
Dahi Baingan (Brinjal in Yogurt Gravy) –...
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aubergine/baingan/brinjal/eggplant, this veggie has a lot of names. and it comes in so many varietie...

Idli Dhokla – Masala Mojo
Idli Dhokla – Masala Mojo
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i love idlis, i love dhoklas. so what happens when you combine two, you get another lovely dish. :) ...

Broccoli-Spinach Almond Soup – Masala Mojo
Broccoli-Spinach Almond Soup – Masala Mo...
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winter brings in the best of veggies and delicacies. i love how the markets look so colorful and gor...