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Merry Motherhood | Musings of a first-time mommy

Merry Motherhood is a humble attempt to document my experiences as a first-time mom. Most of the scenes revolve around my Baby D who is 1.5 years old and Dr.H my husband who is a doctor (When we meet someone new, I deftly say “he is a doctor and I’m the sane one”, just to promote my non-doctory skills). In addition to the mom-talk, I sometimes do the estrogen-induced jibber-jabber when I crave an uplifting conversation.

I believe in the power of Positive Parenting hence the mission to accomplish my self-laid goals with respect to nurturing baby D is forever a WIP. The commitment calls for more learning, encouragement and mutual support from people who are better experienced than me. Through this virtual sanctum of mine, I intend to let you readers see the world through my eyes at the expense of your precious time.


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