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Miss Lingerista | The lingerie guide to the universe

I have an addiction.

Unlike the interest of what goes on the outside, my inclination is what goes on the underneath. And since the time I started this blog (Jan. 2016), lingerie has become my full blown obsession. In fact, I read, look at and try to educate myself about it on a regular basis.

For me, lingerie is purely a personal experience. It’s not about being “sexy”.

It’s the same as any other outerwear. It reflects my mood, it’s a confidence booster, the physical embodiment of my personality and dressing tastes.

I won’t call myself a lingerie expert. Rather, writing about lingerie is a way of indulging myself in my addiction a little more & have a platform to talk about it.

I’m an engineer by education, who rather aspires to be an unabashed lingerie blogger by passion (& profession).

While looking for new opportunities to share my knowledge and experience, I’m falling in love, trying to get more tattoos, and writing sassy blog posts on my blog. Oh and, I have an unhealthy fixation with lace!

Good vibes begin with the first thing I put on after waking up.

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